Everything is Working Correctly Right? Are you Sure?

So, you’re getting ready to host a big webinar.  You’ve sent out the invitations and every seat is filled.   You have your presentation ready and you should be ready to start.  But, as you begin the presentation, you suddenly realize there is a problem with your headset and your webcam isn’t working properly as well.  Soon attendees start text chatting, wondering why there is no audio or video.  You did remember to test your equipment before the webinar to make sure everything works correctly right?

Recently, I was hosting a webinar and we had scheduled a rehearsal a couple days before.  I started going through the presentation as if we were live and I was soon told by my colleagues that no one could see me or hear what I was saying.  Somehow, my audio levels had been turned way down and my webcam was not configured correctly. 

Thankfully, this happened during my practice run and we were able to adjust my equipment settings before going live with the presentation.  Before starting any online event, it is always a good idea to test out your equipment and make sure it runs properly a day or two before you go live.