Tips for Optimizing Your Twitter Profile for Better Search Engine Performance

By Claudia Somerfield, Internet Blogger/Marketer, SEO Morpheus

Twitter is growing at an enormous speed. According to a report by Econsultancy, Twitter has more than 75 million user accounts in which 15 million users are active.


Everyone has heard and acknowledges the fact that Twitter is growing at a very fast pace. Research shows that Twitter has about 15 million active users out of their 75 million registered users list. That is quite an impressive figure to so many millions of people sending tweets. Several large businesses use it as a platform to keep their audience posted about their new products. Sometime ago, Google made a pact with Twitter to portray tweets in search results on Google. This has helped increase traffic drastically on the Google website too.

Tips to optimize Twitter Profile:

Businesses can show their presence by using tweets in the Google search engine. The current scenario is an ideal place and time for people to optimize their Twitter presence through Google search engine. Here are a few tips that can help increase brand awareness by building links to your website:

Creating a Twitter-handle

A username must be carefully chosen with the utmost care and consideration. This username will be used to show the profile on a search engine. It should be something that is relevant to a keyword in your niche operating area or something that is relevant to the brand name.  This will help maximize your results when a search is done.

Retweetable key word rich tweets

There are only a specific number of characters that are permitted per tweet (140 characters). Hence, it is essential to use relevant words and stay related to the topic. Also, it is important to ensure that the tweet is not cluttered and stuffed with key words, as it may not hold the attention of the viewers or could be considered spam.

Optimize the profile

The bio in your profile is limited to 160 characters only. Hence it is vital to ensure the details are absolutely relevant and attractive to viewers. Search engines use the profile bio as description and therefore it is very important to have a proper and detailed description in the profile bio.

Links to twitter profile

Links are an important part of a profile as links make a profile stronger in a search engine. A profile can be linked via website and thus pass domain authority therein. Another technique at getting more viewers onto your twitter profile could be to increase the number of your followers. They could further provide the link to your profile to people on their list.


Hashtags are similar to key words meta data and therefore an important criteria for search engine consideration. Thus, creating a tweet prefixed with a word that has a hash symbol will increase viewership of your twitter profile.

URL update

Including the URL of your website in the account settings helps drive traffic to your website. Although there will not be any search engine link juice due to the ‘no follow system’ used by Twitter, it is still a part of the indexing done in the Google search engine.


Twitter has been growing enormously popular in the last few years. It is very essential to take necessary measures and adopt practices that make your Twitter performance outstanding. A popularly read tweet or profile is lucrative and beneficial to the writer.



Do You Have a Twitter Marketing Strategy?

Marketing with Twitter

By Claudia Somerfield, Professional Blogger, iPhone accessories, 3D Laptop

Using Twitter as your marketing strategy, to ensure success in your business, is the call of the hour. Experts say that imbibing ways to market your products through social networking sites, like Twitter, is a powerful way of achieving outstanding performance and immediate results, with limited expenditure and capital investment. Not only does Twitter assist in enhancing your online web experience by building your credentials, but it also takes your business to a profitable position through employment of every marketing effort that you undertake, to promote your product.

However, to ensure great heights in business, through Twitter, it is very crucial to target the right audience group by creating a potential Twitter marketing strategy. If you manage to hit the right cord, this social networking chain would promise a sure shot productive, successful and powerful business organization, from its budding stage.

The right way of using Twitter for the growth of your business

1. Identify your target audience- To ensure growth and success in your business through Twitter, the first and foremost step is to clearly describe and ascertain your target audience. Being well versed with Twitter’s operational guidelines and including Twitter handles of real target users is a must. Also, developing a persona by representing your customers on Twitter or another social media site can also be very useful in your endeavor of making it big in your field of business operations.

2. Know your goals clearly, to score high- Before you step into marketing your products through Twitter, it is very essential to ascertain the result that Twitter participation would bring about to your business and the amount of customer benefit that it would assign you.

The key to success for any business rests on its database who reads your tweets. So, it is very important to grow your tweet followers, if you want your business to grow and achieve great heights. Also, it is more important to make your fan base a responsive one, rather than just an add-on to a huge follower-list. The response that you receive from your follow-up messages from followers, will only determine the popularity and goodwill of your business enterprise, and not just the long list of your audience. Your goal should be to convert your data base into prospective customers, if you want to touch the sky of success.

3. Ascertain where Twitter fits into your overall online marketing strategy- Any marketing tool that you select for the growth and success of your business, should be chosen with proper planning and understanding, by ascertaining its role in doing so. While choosing Twitter to do the needful, clearly identify and understand the role that you want it to play. Whether you want to utilize it as a customer service tool for brand monitoring, monitoring for sales opportunities or for enhancing other corporate social activities like blogging, Facebook, YouTube or anything else, be clear in your mind and proceed accordingly.

If Twitter is chosen for communicating and social networking media, Twitter can help you to connect to customers, prospects, journalists, candidates, investors and marketing partners. It is very crucial to comprehend where Twitter fits within your overall mix of online marketing and communication.

4. Twitter is a tool, as per the tactics you use- Twitter cannot promise you to touch the skies of success just by gaining popularity on it, without addressing a proper plan for reaching those pre-set goals. A step-by-step planning and execution of the same lays the foundation for the overall long term success of the business. So, first design and optimize your Twitter page, which should be significant enough with diverse tweets. Follow a proper theme and be consistent enough in messaging and in reaching out to your audience. Only a well organized and frequently followed Twitter account walks the ramp of success.

5. Measure twice, Tweet once- It is equally essential to identify referrals via various URL shortening services through your Twitter account. Your followers should be monitored on a regular day to day basis, as a mix of data points along with measurement tools, implemented with proper planning to acquire your business goal, is the key to your success and growth through Twitter.

How to grow your Twitter followers

As we have mentioned above, the key to success and growth of a business through Twitter is by growing your Twitter followers. Here’s how to do it.

1. Business Card Strategy- Your Twitter handle should be vividly added to a classy business card, which in turn should be exchanged during offline seminars, workshops and conferences. Remember, using the power of a smart business card strategy can take your business to sky rocketing levels through Twitter, provided you make sure to include your Twitter handle in a well inscribed manner, on it.

2. Guest Posting Strategy- For the enhancement and growth of a business using Twitter, the strategy of guest posting is being emphasized on, to a great extent. Getting your guest work featured across several A-list blogs can ensure you of an incredible response from Twitter followers. As on your part, keep posting quality articles, to grab and retain the excitement of your customers and followers.

3. Position yourself as an expert- First impression is always the last impression. Right from day one, let your work do the talking on your behalf. Try to make an identity of your own, as an expert internet marketer, by winning the hearts of your prospects. Be a hero in the eyes of your followers by positioning yourself as a top-notch content writer, simply by taking real time in writing your blogs.

4. Share with a friend link- If you use e-mails as a media of communicating with your subscribers, a sheath approach of increasing your followers is by adding an anchor to your Twitter handle and requesting your recipients to share them with their friends. This approach would promise an overwhelming response by causing a viral marketing surge between your Twitter users and their associated links.

5. Automate and schedule Tweets- It is not always possible to be personally available all the time to post new tweets. However, by using free and paid Twitter tools and applications, to automate and schedule your activities, can promise fresh content to your followers consistently, at all times, and even attract new visitors on to your blog. Action responds to reaction so step up and boost your business prospects with Twitter marketing strategies to get amazing results.


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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Autopost Your Tweets to Facebook

Social Media
Social Media







By Anita Hovey, Twirp Communications


In every workshop or presentation I give around Halifax I always tell people NOT to auto-post their tweets to Facebook or vice versa. It’s a great time-saver, of course, so people are always miffed to learn that they are sacrificing engagement for time. Here are three quick reasons why you shouldn’t auto-post your tweets to Facebook.

Twitter and Facebook audiences are very different
While there may be some cross over between your fans on each platform, for the most part they are probably two very different audiences. People tend to gravitate to one platform or the other (except those absurd social media geeks like yours truly who use every platform available). On Facebook your readers are looking for more detail, not just witty little one-liners. Tweets post with much greater frequency as well and that might just turn off your Fans to the point of un-liking your page.

Hashtags don’t tranlate into Facebook
People will choose to follow you on their social network of choice. If they follow you on Facebook, they don’t want to feel like Facebook is second fiddle to Twitter. If Twitter is your main social network you probably use a lot of TwitSpeak and hashtags. Your fans and friends on Facebook don’t want to see that. If they did, they would join you on Twitter. Along with hashtags, tagging profiles doesn’t translate into Facebook. So, when you tag another Twitter user in your tweet, that link won’t come through and magically link to their Facebook page. Instead it’s a big, honking red flag that says “I’m not really here and I don’t really care about my fans on Facebook.”

Your tweets cannot be shared
The other day I read a post about an event happening here in Halifax that I wanted to share with my friends & fans on Facebook, but because it was auto-posted from Twitter, there was no “share” option. I could copy and paste the post into my status, but I would have lost the attribution that way and I would have to tag the company page that originally posted. It is possible to do, but certainly not efficient or easy for your friends and fans.

If you want to save time, try using Hootsuite to cross-post. It will provide a “share” button so your links and comments can be shared easily on Facebook. But you still need to be careful that you don’t “share” Twitspeak and that you treat each audience appropriately.

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7 Mistakes to Avoid in Social Media

Social Media

By Dawn Papandrea

You’ve probably heard all of the success stories by now. Their message? You need to get on board with social media to grow your business. But for every company that achieves success, there are thousands that aren’t leveraging the power of social media in quite the right way. Here are the top seven things they’re doing wrong, that you want to do right.

1. Boycotting social media

If you’ve avoided setting up a Facebook page or a Twitter profile for your small business, using the excuse that social media is a passing fad, it’s time to join the crowd. These platforms, and others such as Google+, are here to stay (or at least they’re here until the next big thing comes along), and they’re where your customers and clients are spending a lot of time.

2. Expecting immediate results

Sorry, but you can’t assume that once you announce to the world that you’re on Facebook, you’ll triple your sales. Social media is all about brand awareness, engaging your customers, and building a community–and that takes time!

3. Sounding like a commercial

People will lose interest in your stream pretty quickly if you use your pages to promote, promote, promote. Instead, think of what value you can give to your audience. Perhaps it’s a special discount code for your fans or followers, or a tip of the day that’s related to your product or service. Once you become a trusted authority, people will stay connected, and you’ll be top of mind when they’re ready to purchase.

4. Not engaging or responding

If you aren’t actively conversing with your network, you’re wasting your time. Make it a point to answer questions about your business, or address customer service issues, in a timely manner. Even something as simple as sending out a happy birthday message to your users will let them know you care about them.

5. Letting an intern run your social media

Don’t pass the responsibility of your social media efforts off to someone else, unless you’re sure that person is a good representative of your business. While it’s true that social media can take up time, it’s vital that it’s done properly.

6. Being all business, all the time

As relationships develop, it’s great to let your hair down. Let your clients get to know the person behind the brand. For example, many companies on Twitter make it a point to use an employee’s photo, instead of the company logo.

7. Not targeting the right people

When you’re starting up your pages, it’s great to add your friends and family, to get your numbers up. Ultimately, though, you want to attract your target market. Do this by letting your customers and clients know that you’re on social sites. Add the links to your email signature and to your business cards. Put up a poster in your storefront. And give people an incentive to connect, by offering something of value, like a contest or coupon.

By avoiding these social media mistakes, you’ll reach more new people, and strengthen relationships with your existing customers. And those are results that you’re sure to “like.”

Five Apps to Help You Manage Twitter

Tame the bird

By Anita Hovey, Twirp Communications



Twitter…you either love it…or you’re indifferent. I have yet to hear of someone who is actually using it a decent amount and hates it. Businesses of all sizes and across all industries are using Twitter to reach new customers, build relationships with loyal customers, create new customer experiences and increase brand awareness. As far as social media goes, Twitter has a lot to offer. It can be a lot of work to get a handle on it though. Here are my five favorite Twitter helpers.

1Mr. Unfollower is a great little Twitter account. All you have to do is follow @unfollowr from your Twitter account and follow the directions you receive. Each week you will get a digest of all the accounts that have unfollowed you. I like it as a means to see if I’m still interesting to people. I check to see that nobody I am REALLY connected to has unfollowed me becuase that would mean I did something really wrong probably. Most of the time it is businesses who are looking for a follow-back and are out of my area. A lot of the accounts are suspended users, meaning they were probably bots or spammers. I don’t worry about who’s in the list too much, but it’s nice to know I hardly ever lose a real friend.

2. Tweriod will analyse your Twitter account and tell you the best times to tweet based on when most of your followers are online. You can get a free Tweriod analysis once a month and there are paid upgrades available. This is useful for everyone, but especially for businesses who want to tweet out today’s specials. You want to hit as many followers as possible to spread the word. Once you’ve got your Tweriod analysis, you’ll want to check out my next tool.

3. Buffer helps you spread out your content-based tweets so they are posted at optimal times. A quick set up tells Buffer when you prefer to tweet (perhaps based on your Tweriod analysis) and then you simply add your tweets and RTs to your Buffer queue from a button in your browser bar. I don’t use this nearly as much as I could, but it is a great program. They are unveiling Buffer for Facebook soon, too.

4. Twilert is like Google Alerts for Twitter. Get e-mail digests about what is happening on Twitter for keywords, competitor accounts, events, or anything else you can search for on Twitter.

5. Manage Flitter is my most recent discovery, ironically thanks to Facebook guru Mari Smith. This app helps you organize and clean up your Twitter account by looking at who is not following you back. Let me be clear…I do not follow everyone back and I do not expect everyone to follow me back. Manage Flitter is easy to use to find inactive accounts. You can simply unfollow everyone, but that’s not how I use the program. I find Manage Flitter much more user friendly than some of its competitors and everything I need from it is free.

Are there other fabulous Twitter apps out there? Let us know in the comments.