AnyMeeting Helps You Meet With Class


With our busy schedules, it can be difficult to find time for those important in-person meetings involving your child’s education.  Sometimes it can be hard to get around work and the other responsibilities we face, so how can you make sure you stay involved when you can’t be there physically?

This is where a free web conferencing solution like AnyMeeting comes in handy.  Even though you can’t be there in person, you can be still there online.  Here are five ways AnyMeeting can help bridge the education gap we all experience with our children.

  • Parent/Teacher Conference – Meet with teachers and get the important details on your child’s progress without having to physically go to the school.
  • Study Groups – Help your child set up and attend study groups with classmates to prepare for the upcoming exam, or work together on an important class project.
  • Tutor Help – Get your child the one on one instructional help he needs with that awesome tutor who may live in another state or country.
  • Preparation – Practice makes perfect.  Use AnyMeeting to practice, record and review your child’s important class presentation.  Send the recording link to others who can provide input.
  • Testing – Help make sure they’re ready for the exam.  Use AnyMeeting to create custom quizzes and tests to help give your child the best shot at getting an A+.

Often it can be difficult to find the time and be as involved in our children’s education as we would like to be. Our lives get filled with obligations that have to be met.  However, AnyMeeting can help keep you informed and involved in your child’s education.  Even if you can’t be there in person, AnyMeeting can help you and your child make the grade.

Beta Testing is Maxed Out

The Original BetaMax

We’re glad you are as excited about the new AnyMeeting as we are. We had a tremendous response to our invitation to try the Beta. The sad news is that we have reached our capacity.

We are limiting the number of Beta users because we want to carefully monitor how this version is performing. We appreciate your willingness to help us improve.

The new version should be launching to the public soon. We’ll make an announcement when it is live. If you want to keep up to date on the latest developments, be sure to check back on the blog. Or watch our Twitter and Facebook feeds.

Thank you for being part of the AnyMeeting community.

Beta Test the All New AnyMeeting Web Conferencing Software (Invites)

AnyMeeting with Multiple Video Streams
The new AnyMeeting features multiple video streams

AnyMeeting is getting a whole lot better. Become a beta tester and you’ll be the first to see all the new features.

Using your feedback we worked with user interface experts and our developers to totally reinvent the AnyMeeting experience. The new version has:

  • 6 Presenter Simultaneous Video Conferencing – Up to 6 presenters can now broadcast their webcam and/or microphone at the same time.
  • Faster Screen Sharing – Our developers have worked hard to optimize the software behind the scenes. This means screen sharing is now faster than ever.
  • New Preview Screen – Many presenters have requested this feature. Now you can see the same view as your attendees.
  • Echo Cancellation – Feedback and echo are dramatically reduced with the new version. Your meeting attendees will hear you loud and clear with or without a headset.
Mascots using AnyMeeting
AnyMeeting let's you meet on important issues

Don’t forget AnyMeeting’s new ad free ticketing option that helps you get paid for your presentations.

In case you were wondering, AnyMeeting is still completely free. For life.

Ready to try the Beta version?
Read the Beta FAQ and then submit your request through our knowledgebase – make sure to enter “Beta Test” in the subject line. Sorry, the Beta test is maxed out.

Don’t forget to watch our Beta Tutorial Video.