9 Easy Ways To Promote Your AnyMeeting Webinar

So, you’re hosting a webinar using AnyMeeting! Awesome! Your presentation material is polished, you have completed the webinar set-up in the AnyMeeting app, and you are ready to lock-in some valuable attendees by promoting your online event. But where to start? With so many promotional tools out there, how do you maximize your reach in a timely manner, without the added cost?

The following 9 promotional channels are free, almost effortless, and will truly amplify your online presentation’s exposure:

  1. Your Email Contacts: This is the easiest place to start your webinar promotion.  When scheduling your webinar, you can copy and paste your email list of your targeted audience…and just like that, your promotional campaign takes off! Your webinar is set-up, your people have been invited via email, and they’ll even receive reminders on the day of the webinar!
  2. Your AnyMeeting Public Profile: The second easiest channel to use for AnyMeeting webinar promotion is an informative landing page. Use your AnyMeeting Public Profile as a landing page, by directing potential attendees to this page (located in the Account Manager under the “Public Profile” tab — make sure it’s on the “public” setting).  This is an ideal way to direct traffic to all of your upcoming webinars.  As long as your mark your webinars as public when scheduling them, they will show up on this page with all the info your attendees need!   
  3. AnyMeeting Social Integration Tools: While you are still in the AnyMeeting app, click on your AnyMeeting Public Profile tab to share and promote your upcoming webinars quickly and easily through Twitter and Facebook. Once the integration is set up, your scheduled webinars are automatically posted to your stream. How easy is that?
  4. LinkedIn: LinkedIn is an ideal place to promote your business webinars, and can be done so quickly and easily. You’re on there every morning anyway — why not drop a note about your upcoming event?
  5. Instagram and Pinterest: A picture is worth a thousand words — especially when it becomes viral. Snap a cool photo or create a catchy graphic that represents your webinar topic, load it with hashtags, event info, and your AnyMeeting landing page link, and voilà!
  6. Your Blog: Already blogging for your business? Great! Be sure to post about your webinars as they approach. You can do this in a way that is fun and interesting, by creating a consecutive series of blog entries that touch on topics which will be covered in your upcoming webinar. Without giving away too much valuable information (save it for the webinar!), you can spike interest and even collect questions from readers to address at the upcoming event. Always close the series with details about the upcoming webinar, and a call to action: “Secure your spot today!”
  7. Another’s Blog: To cast an even wider net, try promoting your online event by joining forces with a popular blogger in your industry. “Guest Blogging” is a great way to reach new potential attendees, and create relationships with other voices in your line of business.
  8. Video Channels: Periscope, Vine, and YouTube are fun and out-of-the-box channels for promoting your webinar. Using viral video tools, you can quickly create free promotional materials that are sure to get potential attendees’ attention. Think fad-like social media channels like Periscope and Vine are not marketing tools? Think again! Live and unedited promotional pitches show authenticity and creativity, and break up the monotony of traditionally written promotion that may be ignored.
  9. Your Email Signature: While it may seem too simple to be true, adding upcoming webinar information with a link to your email signature is a highly effective, and effortless way to promote your upcoming webinar. Think about all the people you exchange emails with on a daily basis who may click your link, or forward the info to a colleagues.

Okay, we have only touched the tip of the iceberg, my friends! I’m sure we could list dozens of more easy ways to promote webinars, but we know you need to get back to work.  😉

Have any fun ideas to add to this list? Leave us a comment!

Using Social Media to Promote Your Webinar

By Robert Hadley
Robert Hadley is a business report and blogs via Contently.com.

One of the great things about promoting a product or service via the Internet is the ability of online promotion to go viral, which means that your original post can be shared exponentially throughout social networks.

For example, when you post a webinar announcement on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, all your connections can share the announcement with their connections, who in turn can share it with their followers, and so on. Pretty soon you will have created a domino effect that can reach a far wider audience than even a carefully targeted email.

Here are a few ways to leverage the viral power of social networking to spread the news about your webinar.

Send an Invitation

Both Facebook and LinkedIn allow you to create and promote events. Facebook’s event module lets you post event details and invite members of your network. Although it’s primarily geared torward in-person events, there’s no reason you can’t list the webinar’s landing page as the location and send invitations just as you would for a party.

LinkedIn’s event function is a bit more flexible, as it provides a field to include the webinar’s landing page, plus a checkbox to designate virtual events.

Although LinkedIn won’t send email invitations, it will post the event in your status updates once you’ve checked the “I’m attending” option on the event creation page. You can also notify your first-degree connections by clicking the “share” link in the event’s overview tab.

Go Viral

Whether you decide to use the event features of Facebook or LinkedIn, you can still publish a link to your webinar’s landing page in the status updates on either platform. Once you share the link, your entire network will see the promotion (depending on your privacy settings).

AnyMeeting has a feature called “Social Notifications” that allows users to connect their account with Facebook and Twitter. Once you’ve enabled this feature, whenever you designate a meeting as public, AnyMeeting will automatically post a link to the registration form on Facebook and/or Twitter.

If you have brand ambassadors — key employees who can spread your message — make sure they post the webinar link in their status updates and share it in any relevant groups they belong to. Different groups have different rules about promotions, so it’s a good idea to either consult the rules or email the moderator for guidance.

Tweet Your Own Horn

Although Twitter restricts posts to just 140 characters at a time, it can still be effective for tweeting links to your seminar’s Web page. To take full advantage of Twitter, learn to exploit the power of hashtags. Twitter hashtags are code words (preceded by the “#” symbol) that designate your posts for keyword searches. For instance, if you include the hashtag “#webinar,” in your tweet, anyone searching for that hashtag will see search results that include your tweet.

Ensure a Smooth Landing

So you’ve promoted your webinar on the three major social media platforms, but how’s your landing page, the website your potential customers see when they click the link you’ve promoted virally?

Make sure everything is clearly labeled, such as a large “Register Now” button or a link to speaker bios in large type or a contrasting color. Remember, potential customers scan things on the Web, so keep your information in bite-sized, noticeable chunks and you’ll avoid unnecessary confusion.

Freebinar is Adding More New Features: Easily Promote Your Webinars

Update: Please note that AnyMeeting was known as Freebinar prior to 3/26/11. Blog posts prior to this date may still mention Freebinar. For more information, please review our blog post or FAQ’s.

Freebinar is releasing more new features this weekend! Check out how the new features can help you increase your webinar marketing power.

Now you can create your very own Freebinar public profile and promote your webinars on Twitter and Facebook. Promote yourself and your webinars: display a picture or logo, your Facebook Like Box, LinkedIn Profile and Twitter stream directly on your Freebinar public page. The result of this integration is a centralized and powerful space to list and promote your upcoming and recorded webinars.

Public Profile
 Create your own personalized Freebinar public profile page
Provides easy access for visitors to register for upcoming webinars or to view pre-recorded webinars
Display your LinkedIn profile, Facebook Like Box and Twitter stream
Insert SEO-rich keywords to get higher rankings on Google and Yahoo search engines

Social Notifications
Provide you the option of promoting scheduled webinars on Facebook and Twitter.

Note: Full support documentation will be available on Monday, November 15, 2010.