Keep Telling Us Your AnyMeeting Success Story

Everyone loves a success story, so please keep sending them.  We have received some great stories last month, but we want more.  So, we are extending the contest and encourage you to enter your success story if you have not already.  Your AnyMeeting success story may now be entered throughout the month of September. At the end of the month, story submissions from 10 finalists will be featured on Facebook.  A winner will be selected and receive the grand prize of a new Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

How do you enter? It’s easy. Simply send an email with a link to your AnyMeeting recorded meeting (or record a new one) to (subject line: AnyMeeting Success Story Submission).Be sure your “story” will help others learn (or laugh). Feel free to get creative. Include any details of the meeting or webinar results (e.g. how it helped your business). What was unique or interesting about your presentation, the meeting format, how you got people to attend your meeting and the results of your efforts?

This is a terrific opportunity to showcase your skills, highlight your business and win the new Google Android tablet! Start a New Meeting Now.

5 Tips For a Gold Medal Online Meeting Performance

Gold Medal Performance

We all get inspired and motivated from watching the Olympics.  Watching athletes give their best to earn a gold medal inspires us to give our best performance as business professionals.  A large part of the business world involves meetings, and a growing number of those meetings are online and involve web conferencing.

With this in mind, here are five tips that will help you give a gold medal worthy performance at your next online meeting.

  1. Test your equipment – Make sure that the computer you will be using meets the requirements needed to properly host a meeting.  The AnyMeeting System Test is a great way to run a test on your computer and make sure you are good to go.
  2. Avoid distractions – It’s important to be mindful of your location before you enter an online meeting and what distractions in the room (or on your person) may draw attention away from your presentation.  Make sure any distracting elements are not able to be seen or heard before you begin.  “When preparing for a Web meeting, imagine that your office is on stage and that the “audience” is in the room,” Chris Christopher, Microsoft Business.
  3. Are you prepared? – Even if you are not the host of the meeting, you may still have to give a presentation.  Be sure to practice before the meeting to ensure a flawless performance.  You will also want to be mindful of your audience (the others in the meeting) and what questions or input they might have. “Make sure you have everything prepared before the meeting. Video conferencing will tend to magnify any lack of preparation on your part,” Mark Shead, Productivity 501.
  4. Who speaks when? – Most online meetings have more than one person presenting.  If you are the host, make sure everyone knows when it is their turn to speak and/or present.  This will help ensure the flow of the meeting, and that everyone is ready when it’s time for their presentation.  “At the beginning of the virtual meeting, set ground rules for passing control and speaking,” Patrick Moran, Mashable Business.
  5. Keep them engaged – Meetings, online or in person can be boring and tedious.  So, be sure to keep everyone engaged.  Have your audience answer questions, ask for input and/or questions from your audience, or even tell a joke or two (keep it clean though).  This will help keep your audience in the game and paying attention.  “Inject fun into the event. Need fun stuff sprinkled throughout,” Tony Karrer, eLearning Technology.

As business professionals, meetings have become a large part of our everyday lives at the office.  Be it with clients or colleagues, if your meeting is online, following these tips will help you give a gold medal presentation.

AnyMeeting Launches New “Quick Start” Program for Large Network Marketing Firms

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., July 10, 2012 – AnyMeeting, the free web conference and online meeting solution, today announced its new “Quick Start” program for large network marketing firms.  The program will provide these firms with a free, company-branded web conferencing tool, which can be made available to all of their distributors at no cost.  AnyMeeting is launching the program with a number of top network marketing firms including Ambit Energy, Southwestern, Stella & Dot and USANA.

“We have developed strong relationships in the network marketing community, and are very excited to offer our new program, designed specifically for them,” said David Gerken, Vice President of Business Development at AnyMeeting.  “With our completely free model and intuitive interface, AnyMeeting is ideally suited to network marketing companies and their networks of independent distributors.”

Offering a full-function web conferencing product, AnyMeeting meets all of the online meeting needs of network marketing distributors.  The service provides distributors with six-way video conferencing, conference calling, screen sharing, recorded meetings, integration with Facebook and Twitter, and much more.  The Quick Start program can be rolled out in only a few days, and with no IT resources from the partner.  AnyMeeting is also able to integrate with a company’s own back-office systems for distributors, supporting single sign-on, contact sharing, calendar synching and more.  See the complete press release on MarketWire.

AnyMeeting Launches Improved System Test Feature

AnyMeeting System Test

At AnyMeeting, we want you to hold a successful online meeting every time, and key to this is making sure your system is up-to-date and running at its peak performance.  Therefore, we have just introduced an improved system test feature that will make sure you’re good to go.

Run the system test on your computer before your next meeting or webinar.  Simply click on the “Check your computer” button at the top of your account manager page.  You can also go to  Any attendee invitations you send out automatically include this link, too.  For additional information on technical issues, please visit AnyMeeting’s Knowledgebase.

The system test checks many technical elements, from your operating system to network and JavaScript settings, to your current Flash and Java versions installed.  It will also check your speakers and screen resolution.

When the test is complete, a detailed report appears with the results, indicating that your system is good, or highlighting existing issues.  Highlighted issues will offer a clear explanation of the problem and link to a solution or suggestions on how it may be resolved.

Meet and Win in May

Meet & Win

How would you like to win a free year of AnyMeeting’s premium ad-free service and a hot Kindle Fire? All you have to do is hold an online meeting using AnyMeeting in May, and you will automatically be entered to win. The more meetings you hold, the more chances you have to win, since you will receive one entry into the drawing every time you organize and hold a web meeting during the month.

One winner will be selected to receive the grand prize of a one year subscription for AnyMeeting’s 25 seat ad-free plan (valued at over $200) and a new Kindle Fire. To be eligible, meetings must be at least 10 minutes long with 2 or more participants, and of course no purchase is necessary. Start or schedule a meeting now…

AnyMeeting is for SO MUCH MORE than Business

Communication Outside the Office

Small, medium or enterprise, every business needs a solution for online meetings.  When meeting with clients or colleagues in different locations, AnyMeeting can be instrumental in bringing businesses and professionals together.  But, it can be used for more than just business right?

Absolutely, online meetings can bring friends, family and acquaintances together as well.  Here are some ways AnyMeeting can help bridge the communication gap outside the office.

  • Sports team and league meetings – Meet with coaches and parents and discuss team and league activities before and during the season.
  • Community meetings – With busy work schedules, it’s hard for everyone to attend community meetings.  AnyMeeting gives everyone the opportunity to attend from their desk, and make sure their voice is heard.
  • Party/event planning – Planning a big party or event?  Get everyone involved together quickly and work out the party details.  Don’t get caught up in the chain of confusing back and forth “Reply All” emails.
  • Connect with family and friends – Bring friends and family members from different locations together, especially those who may not have connected in a long time.  AnyMeeting lets you create your own online family reunion.

Our lives get filled with so many obligations that it often can be hard to attend important meetings in person, let alone connect in person with family and friends far away.  However, with the help of a good solution like AnyMeeting, you can bridge the communication gap inside and outside the office.

We have seen from surveys that users are already relying on AnyMeeting for many non-business meetings, including soccer clubs, scout troop and community meetings, and party planning with family and friends.  So, next time you’re faced with organizing a bunch of people, and you can’t meet in person, use AnyMeeting, and why not?  It’s free.

Meet and Win in February

Web Meeting

Want to win a Kindle Fire? All you have to do is hold an online meeting using AnyMeeting in February and you will automatically be entered to win. The more you meet, the more chances you have to win. You will receive one entry into the drawing every time you partcipate in a web meeting in February. To be eligible, meetings must be at least 10 minutes long with 2 or more participants. Start a meeting…

Get Out of Line and Get Online

By Robert Hadley

Which would you rather do – take a two or three-hour flight from New York to Los Angeles for a routine meeting with a client or conduct the same meeting from the comfort of your own office?

If you’ve spent much time as a business traveler, you know there’s more to a two-hour airline flight than just the two hours. There are airport security screenings and checking in at your hotel, not to mention hailing a cab to and from the airport.

Why not let technology eliminate the hassle of traveling for business? Today’s web conferencing platforms, such as, can radically reduce the pain and cost of doing business across the country or even globally.

Interacting with Your Audience

Handshakes aside, there’s not much you can do at an in-person event that you can’t do in an online meeting.

For example, most web conferencing services, such as, provide tools for interacting with attendees in a way that even live meetings don’t offer. For instance, you can poll your audience throughout the presentation and display real-time results right there on the screen. This is a bit more accurate than simply asking for a show a hands in response to a specific question.

There’s also a degree of anonymity around being able to click your answer to a question instead of raising your hand to a potentially embarrassing question in a roomful of strangers. On the other hand, the instant polling option can also add a level of intimacy to the proceedings by letting the attendees share some information about themselves. It’s a good way to learn more about the other people attending the webinar with you.

Archived for Later Reference

Most webinars can easily be recorded in a format that’s easy for attendees to access and download at a later time. In fact, that’s one of the key advantages of having a webinar.

In a live event, say, in a room full of 200 people (perhaps clanging their silverware if it’s a lunch meeting), the logistics of filming the proceedings can be formidable. We’ve all seen viral videos of meetings with bad sound or lighting. We struggle through because we want the information.

But with a webinar, production values are less of an issue because the speaker is usually filmed on a close webcam in an isolated office. There’s less that can go wrong, production-wise, and you’re able to create a user experience that is more intimate, capturing a one-on-one quality.

Fosters Networking

In-person meetings are great for meeting other professionals in your own (or other) industries, and that potential is still available with a webinar.

The text chat feature operates simultaneously in a separate window on the screen, usually below the area where slides and the speaker are displayed. This interactive capability allows the audience to reach out to each other to share introductions and comments on the presentation. The chat also lets the presenter monitor audience concerns and address them as they occur, adding a further layer of interactivity to the meeting.

As you can see, not only do online meetings eliminate the hassle and expense of business travel, they also offer a user experience that blends interaction and an easily archived presentation format for future use. And in the case of AnyMeeting, the service is free!

Freebinar Rebrands as Anymeeting, Adds Video Broadcasting

New Name and Features Strengthen Company’s Identity and Free Web Conferencing Platform

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., March 29, 2011 – Freebinar, the completely free web conferencing and webinar service, today announced that it is rebranding as AnyMeeting.  Along with the change in identity, AnyMeeting is also adding new features, including integrated video broadcasting and raising the meeting capacity from 150 attendees to 200.  The transition brings a broader presence to a company that is continuing to grow in the web communications market, providing quality premium service to a growing customer base that is logging millions of meeting minutes per month.

AnyMeeting will continue to be completely free, and is broadening its service offering beyond webinars to include any type of meeting, from small two person collaborative web meetings, to full 200 person online events.  The addition of free video web conferencing and added seating capacity are just the first of many additions and improvements AnyMeeting plans to make going forward.

The name change and addition of new features will help strengthen the company’s identity in the market place and improve the online meeting experience for its customers.  “We are very excited about building a stronger identity for the company, while at the same time, constantly improving on the high quality free service that our users love,” said Costin Tuculescu, President and CEO of AnyMeeting.  “The name AnyMeeting embodies our ability and our commitment to providing customers with the tools they need to make all of their online meetings a success.”

AnyMeeting is advertiser supported, so there is no need to charge customers for the service or offer a free trial with limited access.

It offers users the same quality features as larger players in the space, without the cost.  Because it is supported by advertising, AnyMeeting is able to provide a high quality service to small business users who are looking to take advantage of more efficient, affordable and productive web communications.

Recently, the company improved their application sharing feature to make it even easier for meeting hosts to manage live presentations.  In addition, recent upgrades to the meeting recording feature provide presenters with more flexibility when editing recorded meetings, allowing them to change the start and stop time of a recording, and add bookmarks that take viewers to specific points in the presentation.

About AnyMeeting

Based in Huntington Beach, California, AnyMeeting is a free web conferencing service for any type of online meeting or conference.  The service is built on the company’s proven Software as a Service platform, and exceeds other applications on the market in service and features.  Meeting hosts are able to invite up to 200 attendees per meeting with no time limits.  With full service and premium features including integrated video conferencing, AnyMeeting is the best choice for businesses ready to hold just about any online meeting.  For more information, please visit

Major Performance Upgrade Completed

Update: Please note that AnyMeeting was known as Freebinar prior to 3/26/11. Blog posts prior to this date may still mention Freebinar. For more information, please review our blog post or FAQ’s.

Freebinar received a considerable infrastructure upgrade this past weekend. Hosted on new dedicated servers in a tier-1 data center, the Freebinar system is now much more stable and reliable.

Webinar Service Performance UpgradePreviously, Freebinar utilized the popular Amazon EC2 cloud computing service. Cloud computing is currently a hot trend for many web based software solutions. However, the much touted cloud proved to be unreliable for the needs of a live webinar service and often caused connection problems for Freebinar users. If you have experienced any issues with screen sharing or dropped connections during your online meetings, this most likely was the culprit. (Tip: Using a wireless connection can also cause performance issues. See the our Webinar Best Practices for more info.)

The new Freebinar infrastructure will help keep your meetings running smoothly.

  • Maximum Reliability
  • Improved Stability
  • Enhanced System Performance