New Webinar Ticketing System Lets You Charge for Webinars – Ad Free

webinar ticketing

11/03/11 Update:  Starting tomorrow, we are lowering the ticket convenience fee to: 10% + $1 per ticket (maximum convenience fee of $9).

8/29/11 Update:  Now when using the “PayPal Options” feature to sell tickets to your webinars, your attendees will have an ad free experience.  That’s right, no ads and AnyMeeting is still completely free. 

That’s right, AnyMeeting now has an integrated webinar ticketing system, which leverages PayPal’s merchant service.  Now you can make money from that awesome webinar that you’ve been putting together.  It’s easy to use and will soon have you generating income from all of your online events.  All you need is a verified PayPal Merchant account and you can begin charging admission to your live webinars and even charge to view your recorded event.

To start letting webinars work for you and increase your bottom line, simply enter your PayPal account information when you are creating the event registration form, and set a price for your event.  Soon the money will start rolling in as people start buying seats.  You can even set codes for any special pricing or discounts you would like to include.

Your attendees will then have the option of paying for the ticket using their personal PayPal account or a credit card.  AnyMeeting just takes a small percentage of the revenue generated to pay for business expenses related to the transaction.

For more information on integrating PayPal with your AnyMeeting account, see our video tutorial below.