4 Tips for Small Office Design

Small workstation
Big things can come from small spaces

The secret to employee productivity, creativity and increased profitability can be found within the walls of your small business, quite literally.  Don’t overlook the importance of your office space and design; learn what you can do to foster a creative and productive environment.

1 Paint Your Walls Blue

Blue is the hue that ignites creativity and productivity. How?  People tend to associate blue with the sky and freedom, igniting a feeling of exploration which in turn enhances creativity. If painting your walls sounds a little extreme, try adding some blue hue accents or art work around the office.

2 Ditch the Cubicles

Make your office environment as transparent and open as possible; employees enjoy free flowing communication, and opportunities to interact with their colleagues. Bring in some couches to create a lounge area, separate from the work area, giving employees a place to relax and unwind for a bit. This can get the creative juices flowing, leading to creativity and productivity.

Don’t have the funds for couches and other office furnishings?  No problem…

3 Hit the Second Hand Stores

It’s time to get creative by bargain shopping in second hand stores and online. You can try Craigslist for inexpensive and unique pieces. Create a space that’s fun and colorful.

4 Don’t Overlook the Small Stuff

Bigger isn’t always better. Small businesses with small office spaces are at a huge advantage. Studies have found that small offices spaces increase the exchange of information, create a positive social environment and actually increase job satisfaction.

What do you think of these tips? Have your own? Share them in the comments.