Setting up your next conference call just got insanely easier: Introducing

We’ve all been there: you’re checking your emails, and you’ve finally gotten some key stakeholders to agree on a time to meet and have a call.  What now?  Traditionally, you’d have to go online or through your notes, find your conference call provider, get the number and pin, copy, paste, and send it out to everyone — something requiring lots of switching between apps, services, etc.

Well, I’m very excited to announce that AnyMeeting’s putting an end to all of that.  Starting today, you only need to remember one thing — just CC: in your email.  Within seconds, we’ll send out YOUR conference call info to everyone on your email.  It could not be simpler.  You don’t even require an existing AnyMeeting account — anyone can use this service.

To recap, setting up a conference call set up with a bunch of people now only takes three easy steps:

1) Create an email and add your recipients

2) Add to your email as well

3) Hit send.  You can even try it now – click here and invite someone!

Within seconds, everyone receives the invite to your conference call.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on this feature — please feel free to email us at with your thoughts.  We’ve got a lot more great productivity features like this in the works, so stay tuned!  Happy conferencing!

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