The Results are In! Customers Say Ease of Use a Top Reason for AnyMeeting in Customer Survey

AnyMeeting Web ConferencingThanks to all of the AnyMeeting customers who participated in our latest (and largest) customer survey.  We found some interesting tidbits to share:

    • Small businesses use AnyMeeting for a broad range of meeting needs, but training (34%) and collaborating with colleagues (29%) were mentioned most frequently as the top uses.  As an all-in-one conferencing tool for small business, we’re happy to see the diversity of ways our customers use us.
    • Users love our simplicity — cited as one of the strongest reasons small businesses select AnyMeeting.
    • Small businesses are leaving the big guys to come to us — Of those coming to us from competitors, 50% are coming from either GoToMeeting or WebEx.

Small business is the largest segment of the web conferencing market, and our only focus here at AnyMeeting.

“Small businesses in North America will spend over $1.4 billion annually on web conferencing services by 2016 – up from $560 million in 2012 – representing a 26 percent compound annual growth rate,“ said Clayton Miller, Associate, AMI-Partners.

AnyMeeting continues to work hard to provide the simplest, most affordable conferencing tool for individuals and small business users.  Thanks for your support!


Using AnyMeeting for Business: Debra Landesberg, My College Resource


The following is a brief profile of AnyMeeting user, Debra Landesberg of My College Resource.

Tell us about your business?

I am a college and secondary educational consultant and work primarily with high school students and their families.  As my client base extends internationally, over 90% of my meetings are via webcam.  My role is to guide the family through high school, acquiring the academics, leadership, and volunteerism to prepare for college applications.  I continue through the college application process including college search, campus visits, essays, resume development, recommendations, interviews, and finally the application itself.  A strong interpersonal relationship is key and video conference allows the one-to-one contact required.

How do you use AnyMeeting for your business?
I utilize AnyMeeting in several arenas.  Primarily, to meet with my clients.  It’s helpful to invite multiple family members to meet online utilizing the video option.

What’s the benefit for you?
The advantage gained with AnyMeeting is the family needn’t squeeze onto a sofa in the camera view, but can access the meeting utilizing multiple screens. This is particularly more comfortable for the student.

How else are you using AnyMeeting?
Additionally, I have become the meeting organizer for my professional meetings and planning sessions with colleagues throughout the country.  The application is easy to implement with a simple link to click, login, and the participant’s image is in site with a clear voice reception. At we use AnyMeeting to present training sessions and webinars for information and outreach purposes.

What future plans do you have?
My plan is to continue to learn how to apply AnyMeeting functions to my student meetings, which is my day-to-day business.  Due to its easy-to-use format, and no download requirement, all of the participants are able to join quickly and without confusion or aid.  I like that!

Parting thoughts?
I continue to find additional usages for AnyMeeting, including gathering my own family together to converse. It’s a relief to utilize a program that yields exceptional results and is easy for the organizer and participants to use!

Thank you again for providing a resource tool that continues to become an integral part of services to my clients and beyond.