AnyMeeting Continues Growth Within Direct Selling Industry

AnyMeeting Booth at DSA Conf

The Direct Selling Association (DSA) recently held its annual meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.  The event featured numerous workshops and conference sessions on a variety of topics of interest to leaders in the direct selling industry. Many of the top brands in the industry were present, including Amway, 4Life, Herbalife, and Usana, to name a few.

This was AnyMeeting’s second year exhibiting at the DSA conference, and our first year as a conference Sponsor.

We’re currently working with more than a dozen large “direct selling companies”, providing a valuable productivity tool for their independent distributors.

The direct selling industry is one of many small business verticals where AnyMeeting is building strong partnerships and a recognized brand. Others verticals include real estate, financial services, professional services and healthcare, among others.

Want to learn more about how AnyMeeting can help your business, industry or association? Contact us.

One thought on “AnyMeeting Continues Growth Within Direct Selling Industry

  1. This is great! I work within the direct selling industry as well as an independent social media trainer to the sales reps. I often recommend your service to those on my webinars, and they find it easy to use and affordable. Team leaders will use it for their meetings, and consultants will use it for “virtual parties” to gather their customers. It is great that you are making ground within this niche!


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