What Not to Wear to a Video Conference

With today’s web and video conferencing services, it’s so easy to roll out of bed and take a conference call. But that means it’s even easier to forget to ensure we are presentable before hitting that “share my webcam” button.

Chanie Kirschner at the Mother Nature Network recently wrote a good set of reminders that include these common sense but nevertheless important tips for how best to handle your video conference calls:
  • Never wear anything that gives the illusion that you’re naked
  • Don’t videoconference in pajamas — at least the upper half of them
  • Before you videoconference, check your head
  • Don’t offend your audience
  • Mind the background visuals and noise

Read the full post here.

4 thoughts on “What Not to Wear to a Video Conference

  1. Yes, it’s annoying when I’m interviewing an applicant through video conferencing and they are not well-dressed and groomed properly. I usually turn down their application.


  2. People need to turn their cell phone to silent mode before going to handle any video conference call. They need to place their phone on the surface next to them so that they will be able to see the alert or incoming calls without audible distraction. Besides keeping those points you have mentioned in your post everyone must turn their cell phone to silent to avoid any kinds of audible distraction. You have nicely pointed out a few tips which will help anyone to handle video conference call without any disturbance.


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