5 Reasons Web Conferencing Is Great For Your Business

Web Conferencing

by Debra Johnson, blogger and editor of nanny housekeeper

Web conferencing is the way that meetings are done in the 21st century. Conducting a meeting without having to leave the office saves money and time for your company. Your business is more efficient when it has a good web conferencing system.

Benefit #1-Save Money On Travel Costs

Conducting a meeting via a web conference means no one has to travel. Say you are meeting with clients in Japan. It would cost thousands of dollars to buy plane tickets and book hotel rooms. Food and other incidentals would cost even more.

Benefit #2-Stop Wasting Time In Traffic

Walking to the conference room from your office only takes a couple minutes. You don’t want to sit in traffic for 30 minutes going to a meeting that is only scheduled to take 15 minutes. Wasted time equals less productivity for the company.

Benefit #3-Hold Meetings With Multiple Parties

You may need to bring in more than one person or company to seal the deal. Your company can meet in person with a local group while web conferencing with investors from across the country. It helps everyone get on the same page in a quicker fashion.

Benefit #4-Discuss Business From Wherever You Are

People who work from home can conduct business while the kids take their afternoon nap. Having a web conferencing system allows for face-to-face meetings at home, on the road or wherever else you may be. It adds a nice layer of convenience for everyone involved in the meeting.

Benefit #5-Solve Problems On The Fly

A traveling salesman may have run into trouble trying to close a deal for your company. Perhaps your employee said something that he shouldn’t have said to a client overseas. Having the ability to hold a web conference allows you to diffuse a situation that could potentially get ugly.

The ability to hold a face-to-face meeting from anywhere is crucial in the business world today. Web conferences save time, money and allow you to be productive from wherever you are. That means more productivity for both managers and employees at the company. Lower costs and increased productivity will equal higher profits for everyone.


7 thoughts on “5 Reasons Web Conferencing Is Great For Your Business

  1. If I may add another great reason to use web conferencing, that is training remote employees. With offshore outsourcing getting popular, web conferencing is the best way to go about training new employees in multiple countries at the same time.


  2. Hi:

    My name is Jonathan Trent and I work with Next UC. I came across your site while searching for guest posting opportunities relevant to web conferencing. It looks like your site could be a good fit. Assuming a guest post is possible please let me know what the next step is.


  3. I agree with Najee that more businesses want to start outsourcing due to cheaper labour costs. However from my experience if the workers are not up to standard it can be a costly operation to outsource as time and money can be wasted. Web conferencing can help you determine whether the person is worth employing and then train them appropriately. Trust can also be gained through face to face contact.


  4. Hey. It is a nice article regarding benefits of using web conferencing in your business. It is true that in today’s highly advanced world, businesses need to implement web conferencing solutions for e.g. using RHUB web conferencing appliances, WebEx, gomeetnow, gotomeeting etc. in order to cut down travel costs, solving problems, expanding business by interacting with multiple clients at same time etc.


  5. Regardless of the high-speed business environment we live now, human contact is still important, to be able to see the face of a stakeholder no matter how far you are from each other is very helpful to build the business relationship, to make the messages clear, etc. Now there are a lot of companies offering webconferencing, I’ve used some of the free ones, they work ok for some needs; when I decided to use it in a frequent manner I got this service http://www.bell.ca/shop/Sb_viewProduct.page?sku=SB_PHO_CON they have different conferencing services.


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