Use AnyMeeting to Hire the Right Person

Candidate Interview

According to the technology firm CDW, by the end of next year, 75 percent of businesses will rely on video conferencing to help cut travel costs and screen employees.  With the economy slowly improving, businesses are starting to have more positions available.  This means a lot of interviews to find the right person for those jobs.

So, how can AnyMeeting help?  Simple, if your company is looking to hire, use AnyMeeting as part of the interview process.  Here are five key ways AnyMeeting can help you hire:

  • No travel or waiting in traffic involved for you and the candidate
  • Quickly bring colleagues from different locations into the interview
  • Display a resume, work samples, web design projects, etc. with screen sharing
  • Record the interview to review at a later time
  • Interview prospective employees, freelancers, contractors or vendors

Especially for first-round interviews, AnyMeeting can be a valuable tool.  Don’t waste time making candidates come to your office, just bring them into AnyMeeting.  You can meet in real time and record the interview for review, which can be helpful in remembering what was discussed.  The recording can also be shared with colleagues, who were not able to attend the interview.

AnyMeeting’s 6-way video conferencing lets you see the candidate live, and you can quickly bring multiple people into the meeting who may be in different locations around the world.  The obstacles of location and costs of travel quickly go away when you expedite the interview process, and find the right person with the help of AnyMeeting.

AnyMeeting’s “Small Business Toolkit” Webinar Series Rolls On


How to Use Webinars to Generate More Sales

AnyMeeting kept the “Small Business Toolkit” webinar series rolling with its latest webinar from Tom Treanor of Right Mix Marketing.  A veteran marketing expert, we would like to thank Tom for presenting “How to Use Webinars to Generate More Sales.”

Tom’s webinar was very informative and provided some great insight on how webinars can work for you.  If you were not able to attend Tom’s webinar and would like to view the recording of his presentation, just click here.

AnyMeeting Proudly Volunteers for American Red Cross Blood Drive

AnyMeeting Donates Blood

Always in a giving mood, AnyMeeting helped out the American Red Cross this week by participating in its annual March blood drive.  Eight members of the AnyMeeting staff proudly donated their blood to help the Red Cross in their efforts to increase the supply of available blood.  Donated blood is always in need and AnyMeeting was happy to participate and help raise awareness of a very worthy cause.

Those participating in the blood drive also received vouchers for tickets to a LA Galaxy game, discounted tickets to a LA Kings game and a chance to win Disneyland annual passes.

For more information on how you can donate blood, please visit the American Red Cross

Winner Announced: Meet and Win in February Contest

Kevin Atkinson

Congratulations to the winner of our Meet and Win in February contest, Kevin Atkinson from Littleton, CO.  Kevin held a lot of meetings during the month of February and won a new Kindle Fire.  We would also like to thank everyone for participating and using AnyMeeting for your web conferencing needs.

WEBINAR: How to Use Webinars to Generate More Sales

Tom Treanor

Join us Wednesday, March 21st at 11 am PT for the next free webinar of our “Small Business Toolkit” webinar series, and learn how to use webinars to generate more sales for your business.

Webinars are a very important and powerful way to connect with your target market. They are also a way for your company to stand out from the competition and to build bonds with potential customers. Join Tom Treanor of Right Mix Marketing as he presents ways that webinars can generate more sales for your business.

All registrants will also receive a copy of Tom Treanor’s report, “12 Damaging Webinar Mistakes (you need to avoid).”

Only 200 spots are available – so sign up today. Make sure you log in to the webinar early – attendance is on a first-come, first –served basis.

AnyMeeting Reaches User Milestone, Helps New Users Meet Now

HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA–(Marketwire – Mar 6, 2012) – AnyMeeting, the completely free web conferencing and webinar service, today announced a faster way for first-time users to get a meeting started with AnyMeeting Now. Now, even those who do not have an AnyMeeting account can start a meeting immediately, on demand.

Simple and easy to use, first-time users just click the “Start A Meeting Now,” button on AnyMeeting’s home page to instantly start a meeting. Users can then send out email invitations with the conference call information included, bring attendees in, open a presentation to share, and get the meeting started. Unlike other web conferencing solutions, there is no software for users or their attendees to download, and no long-term sign up or credit card information required.

AnyMeeting has also achieved a milestone in reaching over 120,000 registered users, growing almost 600 percent over the last 12 months. See the complete press release on MarketWire.