How to Sell with Webinars

Selling with Webinars

By Angela Stringfellow

Any way you spin it, webinars are a valuable sales tool. Simply offering a webinar can boost sales and enhance brand recognition, and there are tons of ways you can use them to convert casual interest into actual paying clients. Here are seven specific tactics for turning webinars into sales engines:

  1. Offer a free introductory webinar to a longer, paid series. Delivering a complex training module can’t be done in just one webinar, and besides, if you gave away all your trade secrets for free your business would never turn a profit. Hosting a free introduction to a paid series is a useful way to accumulate more paid subscribers, by providing just enough information to entice attendees to want more. 
  2. Give a product discount as a bonus. Host a webinar, showcase your expertise and at the end, lead into subtle sales pitch for a product and offer an exclusive discount to attendees. Nothing is a greater sales incentive than a one-time opportunity to get a great deal on a valuable product. 
  3. Follow up, follow up, follow up! Once you’ve delivered an outstanding presentation, keep the interest of your attendees through regular contact. Ask for feedback the following day, follow up with a sales pitch for one of your products or paid workshops, and continue to provide value by inviting the same group to future free programs and regular industry tips. If, after you deliver your presentation, your attendees never hear from you again, you can bet they’ll soon forget all about you. 
  4. Identify a problem and a solution. Throughout your presentation, you should be hitting on hot buttons that identify common problems or frustrations. Grab their attention by making them feel like you’re talking directly to them, describing what they thought were unique challenges. Once they’re on the hook, offer up a solution: your products or services!
  5. Build value. This is an area in which many webinar facilitators fail. You must toot your own horn… subtly. Demonstrate your excitement about sharing a tool with them that will solve their biggest problems, and make its value clear. Talk about the standard retail price of the product or service you’re pitching, how much time or money they will save (or how much more money they will make), and illustrate their cost savings for taking advantage of your one-time-only offer. 
  6. Create urgency. Of course, if you’re offering a limited-time discount, customers have an incentive to make an immediate purchase decision. Add to that momentum by talking results and conveying how much they’ll benefit by acting sooner rather than later. 
  7. Offer a free consultation. If you’re selling services, customers love free initial consultations. But place a limit on it, such as within 60 days of the webinar. This provides you with an additional, one-on-one opportunity to close the deal!
Facilitators can employ one or several of these techniques each time a webinar is offered to help drive sales. Your wealth of knowledge on the subject matter should speak for itself, but using additional sales strategies can help turn potential customers into paying customers sooner and convert undecideds into decision-makers. 

One thought on “How to Sell with Webinars

  1. A very usefull tool. I registered but need some praktical advise.Do you know somebody who can help and show in practice how I can share my Power Point presentation? Thank you in advice.


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