CONTEST: Review the AnyMeeting Google App and You Can Win a Kindle Fire


AnyMeeting is now available as a free app in the the Google Apps Marketplace. If you’ve had a chance to try it, leave a review of the app in the Google Apps Marketplace, tweet, and you can win a Kindle Fire.


1. Leave a review of our app in the Google Apps Marketplace
2. Send a Twitter reply to @AnyMeeting about your review and the name you used with the hashtag #ReviewAndWin

Start Date: 1/3/12
End Date: 1/20/12

Note: In keeping with the Twitter terms of service multiple tweets on the same account will be disqualified and multiple entries by the same person on different accounts will be disqaulified. Please enter only once.

8 thoughts on “CONTEST: Review the AnyMeeting Google App and You Can Win a Kindle Fire

  1. Hola, desde que país participas…?

    . . .esa era mi continua pregunta a los participantes de una conferencia que asistí por primera vez usando ANYMEETING… no podía creerlo…!

    Lo que más me sorprendió de “Anymeeting” fue la asombrosa calidad de todo..!, no podía creer la calidad del sonido, la nitidez y fluidez de la imagen, me dejó tan emocionado que quise contarle a todos mis amigos y contactos.

    Igualmente la imagen es excelente, todo de la mano con el manejo de la misma, que en minutos cualquier persona ya esta dominando el control de la sala.

    Mi primer experiencia con otros sistemas de salas fue muy negativo:

    – con una versión de prueba de 14 días de otro proveedor pero tuve dificultades y el soporte nunca me contestó.
    – luego probé otro sistema gratuito, pero el manejo de los menús era complejo y me bloqueaba con frecuencia mi máquina.

    Con ANYMEETING, No he tenido dificultades hasta la fecha, esta herramienta es fenomenal, a las personas que la he recomendado, se sienten agradecidas y en deuda conmigo hasta se preguntan como no la habían descubierto antes.

    No me cambiaría a ningún sistema diferente, siento que esta herramienta le añade valor a trabajo, mis presentaciones y conferencias… mi perfil se ha elevado gracias Anymeeting…!


  2. Hello, from which countries are involved …?

    . . . that was my constant question to the participants of a conference I attended for the first time using ANYMEETING … could not believe it …!

    What surprised me most “Anymeeting” was the amazing quality of everything ..!, Could not believe the sound quality, sharpness and smoothness of the image, I was so excited I wanted to tell all my friends and contacts.

    Likewise, the image is excellent, all hand in hand with the management of it, that any person in minutes and is dominating the room control.

    My first experience with other room was very negative:

    – With a trial version of 14 days from another vendor but I had difficulties and support never answered me.
    – Then I tried another free system, but management of the menus was complex and often blocked me my machine.

    With ANYMEETING, I have not had problems so far, this tool is great, people who have recommended, are grateful and indebted to me to wonder how they had not discovered before.

    I do not change to any different system, I feel that this tool will add value to work, my presentations and lectures … my profile has risen thanks Anymeeting …!


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