Tips for Your Business Budget

"Starving" piggy bank
Your piggy bank is in for a squeeze this year

Sylvia Rosen, BuyerZone – Business Phone Systems



Santa’s not the only one making a list and checking it twice this time of the year. Buyers are looking to purchase or lease office equipment to upgrade outdated gear and stay competitive with the latest in business technology.

This year, their interest seems to be focused around a select group of items in particular. Whether you have a team of employees constantly on the go or just a single location with a small in-house staff, here’s what you need to effectively plan ahead for in 2012.

Phone Systems

With the increasing level of mobile employees and those who work from satellite locations around the world, a quality business phone system enables everyone to stay in touch efficiently and affordably.

Using IP-based communication, most modern phone systems leverage the advanced processing power of the standard PC with an interface that allows them to take advantage of all the familiar Windows’ features.

This integrated functionality has two primary benefits: one, employees are able to use a platform they’re already familiar with, significantly cutting down on retraining. And two, new extensions can be installed with the click of a mouse through software that can be loaded directly onto any PC.

This delivers a huge savings in both time and money when compared to a proprietary phone system that typically requires an IT tech trained in that particular phone system.


Designed to further accommodate the mobile lifestyle, laptop computers have been the must-have tool for employees on the go for the better part of a decade. And according to recent reports, the level of business travel is expected to continuously increase as the economy rebounds.

But laptops aren’t just for the business traveler anymore. They’ve become a necessity for just about everyone, enabling people to effectively work from home or a remote location by having all the necessary files and network accessibility with them wherever they go.

Whether delivering a multimedia presentation to a group of potential clients or simply catching up on seasonal overflow while spending time at home with family, laptops provide the same functionality as any on-site office space. And in fact, they’ve been shown to actually increase the level of productivity as employees are more willing to work longer hours in a more leisurely setting.

Power Generator

With winter weather on the horizon, you need a way to ensure the power stays on at your building. Downtime can have a huge financial impact, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. But with a power generator, you can safely power refrigerators, phone systems, computers, peripheral backups and a wide range of necessities, all the way up to entire assembly lines, that will keep you from losing valuable time until the power is restored.

In addition to backup power, many business owners have also found generators to be highly useful for their ability to protect fragile equipment. By ensuring a consistent power supply to your business, you’re protected against voltage fluctuations in the power grid that can instantly damage sensitive computers and other capital equipment during unexpected failure.

Equipment purchases will vary depending on your line of business. But with the three primary tools mentioned above, you can be assured of providing a consistent level of quality service to customers on a variety of platforms.


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