Tell Us Your AnyMeeting Story Winners!


Who’s more winning than Charlie Sheen? These guys:

Dave Johnson and Daniel Hutchings. Dave won the Grand Prize of a Pro Presenter Tool Kit. Daniel was the runner up and won an AnyMeeting coffee mug set.

Thanks to all of our participants in the Tell Us Your AnyMeeting Story Contest. If you missed this one don’t worry.  We have a fun contest coming up in Movember.

Here’s their winning stories:

Meeting from the Back of a Cab by David Johnson

I had a webinar scheduled for 3 weeks, had 132 people register and wasn’t about to postpone it yet again.

I was flying into New York City for a conference, knowing this in advance I was to land a full 4 hours before I was to do the webinar so I had plenty of time to get some lunch, head to the hotel, and set up for the webinar. Well, as luck would have it, my plane was delayed and I landed 45 minutes prior to the start of my webinar.

I figured that I could get a cab and get to the hotel in 45 minutes… boy was I wrong! As we all know, traffic can be horrific in New York and before I knew it 45 minutes was up, I was still in the back of the cab, and I held the webinar right then and there.

About 20 minutes into it I arrived at the hotel and with my laptop balanced on one hand and my suitcase in the other I walked into the busy hotel lobby and finished it there.

While I did receive some looks I think most people understood, I was in New York after all!

Fire Breathing Dragon of Internet Collaboration Tamed by Daniel Hutchings

Many moons ago, upon the crest of a decent rise sat the might of what I once felt was a componet software package (which will go un named) I did use it with caution, as from time to time it did lash out and strike without warning…. Diconnect, crash, continue to provide minimal support and an odd lack of features.

And then… then I stumbled onto the mighty stone that was and is anymeeting! Alas I cried, a beautiful gem worthy of my sweet love and mercifull affection. I carressed its sweet exterior, so pretty, so rare. Then, placed it in my pocket for fear of another stealing away with my now close held dream. Over time I quickly learned to share the stone, telling others of my new found successes. I’ve slewn dragons I would boast, dragons of rage that once defied my mighty sword, but would now bow to me in humility and yes… well you see the picture I think 🙂

But to be fair, Not only have I been able to ride on the wings of freedom, connecting to those when I need to, without fear of monthly subscription vikings calling on my door. But also establishing strong connections. For the visual pipelines of the internets can be a daunting place, but once the connection has been made… Once the other has seen what I also see, and can hear my voice clearly and synchronized in utter harmony…. only then has the connection been established and the joy succesfully released.

I say to you, anymeeting user, I feel your love for the software that has given us the freedom to connect on our own terms, to go beyond the messageboards, the chatrooms and the second rate “fee infested” packages.

Thank you Anymeeting, for connecting me with Brazil, England, Local communities and schools, classes, courses, and buisness collaborations. Without the flexability and freedom to easily share my screen, communicating my 3D modeling designs and techniques would be near impossible.

Your Admirer and new friend.


PS: If only the submission could have been an anymeeting recording 😉 The emotion captured in voice and video 😀

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