The New AnyMeeting is Here

The wait is over, the new AnyMeeting is here! We’ve been talking about the new version and some of you have participated in the beta release. We’re proud to say that the New AnyMeeting is now available to the public. And of course, it’s still completely free.

You can start using it now or check out some of our tutorial videos below.

Please let us know what you think on Twitter and Facebook.

Quick Start Tutorial

How to Set Up Your Webcam & Microphone

Screen Sharing Tutorial

Recording Tutorial

How to Use Text Chat

106 thoughts on “The New AnyMeeting is Here

  1. I would like to record a webinar, without using the camara feature. Just the microphone and PowerPoint Presentation. Am I able to record using microphone only. It seems that the mic and camara feature are one in the same. If they are, and I don’t turn my mic and camara feature on. Will my computer microphone still pick up the voice?


    1. Also allow me to add. That I do click on the camara button to stop the camara from recording. However, when I ran a test webinar, the whole presentation was recording me. The camara was turned off just from my view. Not from the audience view. I also noticed that my webcam record light was still on during the test webinar. I can not figure this out.

      Please help.



  2. I have been a very happy user of Anymeeting for more than a year now (starting when it was Freebinar). Last week I did a presentation, sharing my desktop, about 8 people in the audience, with absolutely no problems. Since then I made absolutely no changes to my system.

    Yesterday I started a session, turned on my mic and cam (then of course, turned off the cam- there’s no way to start only the mic), and then started screen sharing like I always do… but it got stuck at we are initializing the screen sharing… please wait a few moments. I waited minutes, while my attendees became concerned and restless. Then I stopped screen sharing (that annoyingly loud voice announced I was stopping screen sharing- but it never did say I was starting it). When I tried to restart screen sharing, it didn’t even bother to tell me it was initializing- it just sat at a black screen.

    I finally had to use livemeeting (in which screen sharing and audio worked flawlessly, like Anymeeting always used to) for my attendees to see my screen and salvage my presentation.

    Thank goodness I still had a livemeeting account available. Boy was I embarrassed. It is rather humiliating to have all those people get together for a meeting and then have the software fail. I don’t know what was changed over the week over there at Anymeeting, but I’d appreciate it if you changed it back. (and yes, I have the absolute latest Flash and Java installed, and am using the latest version of firefox (and IE as my last resort browser)- neither worked.


  3. Hi,
    My husband and I are trying to set up a new account and are liking everything but having trouble when we try to use our powerpoint presentations, it makes the meeting screens disappear and the presentation becomes full screen to the presenter. The presenter can no longer see the chat and dashboard controls. When you try to go back to the dashboard, it starts the powerpoint over from the beginning. Are we doing something wrong?


  4. After completing the session i was able to hear the sound but next time when i try to listen there was no audio in the recording. How can i turn back the audio?


  5. Everytime we record a Webinar, it takes ages to load, what’s the average time the recording of the Webinar is supposed to take to process? Does this depend on the length of the Webinar? What can be done to speed up the process?


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  7. Looking Up Products & Prices Online
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  8. Three questions –

    URGENT TODAY – I have classes/webinars scheduled on Sunday and see a maintenance notice that won’t be available. Does that mean I have to cancell on my students? What do I tell them?! They have planned for weeks, some of them, with child care etc.

    Love the recurring feature but as the recordings end up so long for an all-day event, can you add recurring by hour or some such? 1-3 hour clips would do it.

    I still seem to have the old interface, where it is either or VOIP/phone. HOw to upgrade?



  9. Hi
    How do you mute your I pad whilst a discussion is going on? I usually use the I pad mute button but since recently this seems to be not working
    Can you please help
    Many thanks


  10. Hate to break it to you but I can’t even get back into my account on my mac. I keep getting some account with my name but a coupe of scheduled meetings that say Philippines and none of my scheduled meetings or past meetings are there. I’ve done everything support said to do and it still does not work. This is really NOT good. I was fine with the old version and as often happened when trying to make a better mousetrap, you get something worse! Anyone else have this problem? Should I uninstall and start over. And where the heck is my account?


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