AnyMeeting CEO Rocks the House of Blues

House of Blues
AnyMeeting CEO Costin Tuculescu (2nd from Right) playing on stage at the House of Blues in Hollywood

By day Costin Tuculescu is the CEO of AnyMeeting, our web conferencing company in Southern California. By night he takes the stage and wields his axe to crank out some major tunage.

I’m the new guy here at AnyMeeting. I’m used to seeing our CEO around the office. I’ve watched him hard at work behind his computer, tweaking our software to improve our web conferencing system. But last night I learned that when he’s not banging out code, or meeting with our board of directors, he’s shredding on the guitar for local audiences. Thursday night he took the stage at the famous House of Blues in Hollywood for AdJam.

AdJam is the largest event thinkLA produces, drawing over 1,200 industry friends and colleagues out for a night of music and mingling. The event pits agency bands against each other in a true battle of the bands competition, with the winning band receiving the coveted AdJam Axe and bragging rights for one year.

So if you are a fan of charismatic leaders like Don Draper on MadMen, I can tell you he has nothing on our Costin Tuculescu.

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