AnyMeeting Ads Hit a Home Run

We’re big baseball fans here at AnyMeeting. You may have seen our advertising at a recent baseball game in Southern California. Or maybe you’ve heard our radio ad featuring you, our user, as the big slugger.

Our goal is to get enterprise quality web conferencing tools into the hands of small business owners and non-profits.  Make sure to use AnyMeeting for your next web meeting or webinar and you’re sure to hit one out of the park.

Click to Listen

Listen to the AnyMeeting Radio Spot

Radio Ad:
[Baseball sound effects]

Announcer #1: And now up to bat — Joe Shmoe. He’s just your average, non-techie, small-businessperson, not a real threat to the big guys…

Announcer #2: Hold on a minute — Joe’s got something new… He’s using AnyMeeting dot com all-in-one web conferencing solution to present his webinar.

Announcer #1: AnyMeeting is completely free for Joe and all his attendees. And with AnyMeeting, he can have up to 200 attendees.

Announcer #2:  Joe swings, he gets a hit — Joe Shmoe has a homerun with AnyMeeting dot com!

Announcer #1 [rapidly]:  AnyMeeting makes it easy to

  • Plan your meetings
  • Promote your meetings
  • And present like a pro

Go to AnyMeeting dot com and hold your next online meeting for free.

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