Beta Test the All New AnyMeeting Web Conferencing Software (Invites)

AnyMeeting with Multiple Video Streams
The new AnyMeeting features multiple video streams

AnyMeeting is getting a whole lot better. Become a beta tester and you’ll be the first to see all the new features.

Using your feedback we worked with user interface experts and our developers to totally reinvent the AnyMeeting experience. The new version has:

  • 6 Presenter Simultaneous Video Conferencing – Up to 6 presenters can now broadcast their webcam and/or microphone at the same time.
  • Faster Screen Sharing – Our developers have worked hard to optimize the software behind the scenes. This means screen sharing is now faster than ever.
  • New Preview Screen – Many presenters have requested this feature. Now you can see the same view as your attendees.
  • Echo Cancellation – Feedback and echo are dramatically reduced with the new version. Your meeting attendees will hear you loud and clear with or without a headset.
Mascots using AnyMeeting
AnyMeeting let's you meet on important issues

Don’t forget AnyMeeting’s new ad free ticketing option that helps you get paid for your presentations.

In case you were wondering, AnyMeeting is still completely free. For life.

Ready to try the Beta version?
Read the Beta FAQ and then submit your request through our knowledgebase – make sure to enter “Beta Test” in the subject line. Sorry, the Beta test is maxed out.

Don’t forget to watch our Beta Tutorial Video.

23 thoughts on “Beta Test the All New AnyMeeting Web Conferencing Software (Invites)

  1. I almost jumped out of my seat when I read the newsletter about the new AnyMeeting software. I am such a huge fan of the current service. I’ve been using it since Freebinar for all of my training and meeting webinars. So excited to see the new features in action.


  2. AnyMeeting is so intuitive and the ease a new webinar presenter experiences is amazing. From trepidation to total confidence. I am now 5 webinars in my rearview mirror and they were all successful. Thank you. I too would like to be invited to be a beta tester.

    Ron Lindblom


    1. AnyMeeting Beta works on both Mac and PC. The main difference is that screen sharing on a PC offers additional functionality allowing you to choose a specific application or monitor you would like to .make visible to your attendees.


  3. Hi,

    I was hugely impressed with AnyMeeting when I used it – particularly the simple way in which replays are processed … that’s a major positive difference between you and your competitors.

    The final thing that is stopping me from making the final switch is the ability to get attendees on a microphone so we can chat/interview during webinars.

    Is there a away around this – because if you could do this using your system, world domination would be yours 🙂

    From what you say in the article above ‘Up to 6 presenters can now broadcast their webcam and/or microphone at the same time’ is that the solution? To make an attendee a presenter so you can talk to them on their microphone in the webinar?

    This is a great product, the minute I can cancel my monthly subscription for an expensive competitor whose replay processing drives me mad will be a happy day 🙂

    Best wishes, Paul


    1. Hi Paul,

      You are correct, the Beta version of the new AnyMeeting will allow you to conference with 6 people at a time. All you have to do is click on the person’s name in the attendee list and click Make Presenter. They will then be able to broadcast their webcam and/or computer microphone.

      As soon as it’s out of Beta, all you have to do is cancel your expensive monthly subscription and start saving some money 🙂


  4. Hi Guys,
    Huge Fan of AnyMeeting!
    I have a Group of Friends who are huge Fans also.
    I’m all set-up with a New-Account to be considered for a Beta-Tester.
    Our group of Webinar-iner’s, are excited to get the chance to
    Check-Out the new features.

    ~ Joseph L Warren


  5. With the new Beta launch, will you keep both the old and new versions, or will the new (beta) eventually replace the old version?

    Will a presenter still have moderator controls of chat and ability to place a photo?
    Thanks, good service.


    1. Great questions! The new AnyMeeting version will replace the existing version, once it is out of beta. The timing of this depends on the feedback we receive from our beta users. The presenter will still have moderator controls of chat. At this time there isn’t the ability to add a photo, however I have heard our product team may add this back in before Beta testing is done.


  6. Any ETA on the release of the new version? Only reason I am asking is we have a seminar/webinar coming up on October 12th and want to know what to expect. The current version works fine – we have used it before successfully – but if the new version is on the horizon we will want to test and be aware of any changes. Thanks.


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