Tips to Monetize Your Webinars

By Jennifer Gregory
Jennifer Gregory is a journalist with over 17 years professional writing experience. Jennifer blogs via

While one of the main purposes of webinars is generating new customers and increasing sales from current customers, you can also generate income by charging for tickets to your webinar.

Instead of simply charging for a webinar that you had previously offered for free, you will need to spend some time researching and planning your strategy before selling tickets.

By keeping a few insider tips in mind, you can add additional revenue to your company while also increasing your customer relationships.

Think Carefully about the Day and Time
Scheduling is important for all webinars, but it is especially important when you are selling tickets. Cinnamon McCann, producer of many fee-based webinar classes, has found that Mondays and Fridays are not good days to schedule webinars and has had a larger turnout for mid-week events.

“Try to avoid scheduling during dinnertime and experiment with different times to see which works best for your particular audience,” said McCann. She has also found that summer webinars are lower attended because of vacations and schedules so she takes a break when the schools are out for the summer.

Select the Right Ticket Price for Your Audience
Before deciding on the price for your webinar, spend some time researching what other people are charging for similar webinars in your industry.

“When you are just starting out you may want to offer your webinars at a low introductory price or offer a two for one price,” said Alice Heiman, a sales consultant and trainer. Once you have a following, then you can raise your price, she said.
Another tactic is to offer coupons or promotions to your webinar to help people feel that they are getting a deal or discount. McCann has also increased her attendance at webinars by giving a cash bonus to participants who refer a friend.

Offer an Incentive to Purchase Tickets
Since people often wait until the last minute to buy tickets to any event, consider offering a promotion to kickstart your ticket sales.

McCann suggests offering free tickets to the first three people who purchase tickets. She promoted an offer to potential customers through email and also offered a discount to every customer who responded immediately to try to get the tickets. “This promotion really helped to create an immediacy to purchase tickets,” said McCann.

Provide Value-Rich Content
Although content is important for any webinar, you should take extra time in planning content for fee-based webinars.

Heiman recommends limiting the number of sales pitches and focusing on content that will increase the customer’s business to make it worth the ticket price.

“If you charge, you need to deliver great content with minimal selling but you can make a special offer at the beginning and at the end for those who attend,” said Heiman.
After the webinar is over, take some time to recap what worked and what didn’t work to help improve for next time. And don’t forget to post the recorded version of your webinar online for a fee to continue generating income long after the webinar is over.

For more information on using the AnyMeeting webinar ticketing feature, please see the AnyMeeting support website and tutorial video.

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