New Webinar Ticketing System Lets You Charge for Webinars – Ad Free

webinar ticketing

11/03/11 Update:  Starting tomorrow, we are lowering the ticket convenience fee to: 10% + $1 per ticket (maximum convenience fee of $9).

8/29/11 Update:  Now when using the “PayPal Options” feature to sell tickets to your webinars, your attendees will have an ad free experience.  That’s right, no ads and AnyMeeting is still completely free. 

That’s right, AnyMeeting now has an integrated webinar ticketing system, which leverages PayPal’s merchant service.  Now you can make money from that awesome webinar that you’ve been putting together.  It’s easy to use and will soon have you generating income from all of your online events.  All you need is a verified PayPal Merchant account and you can begin charging admission to your live webinars and even charge to view your recorded event.

To start letting webinars work for you and increase your bottom line, simply enter your PayPal account information when you are creating the event registration form, and set a price for your event.  Soon the money will start rolling in as people start buying seats.  You can even set codes for any special pricing or discounts you would like to include.

Your attendees will then have the option of paying for the ticket using their personal PayPal account or a credit card.  AnyMeeting just takes a small percentage of the revenue generated to pay for business expenses related to the transaction.

For more information on integrating PayPal with your AnyMeeting account, see our video tutorial below.

32 thoughts on “New Webinar Ticketing System Lets You Charge for Webinars – Ad Free

  1. FANTASTIC!!! You guys keep upping the bar on this great service. Now, if only there were a premium “paid” version that gets rid of the ads, allows to co-brand / re-brand, etc. That’s #1 on our wish list.


  2. This is nice, however, it is hard to justify payment for an event that is covered with advertising. If AnyMeeting offered an upgraded package that removed ads, I would use it in a second for my higher-scale/paid events. As of right now, it is hard to justify using it for any event of consequence.


    1. Thanks for the great feedback Mark! We have decided to make paid webinars ad free. Now when you use the webinar PayPal ticketing feature – your attendees won’t see ads.


    1. To avoid the “sharing” of login information for webinars, our system checks for duplicate email addresses when participants log into the meeting. Each email address is associated with a password so once the first person signs in with their email address and password, no one else can use that combination.

      The Webinar Blog did a great write up on this feature and has some more detailed information:


  3. This is just AWESOME! Why didn’t someone else ever think of that? This has just made our life that much easier. Keep up the good work and feel free to use this testimonial any way you like.


  4. I would like to suggest a “premium feature” that gets rid of ads that are currently in practice by some innovative app providers that we use for certain type of event related services. In exchange for not charging a monthly fee, they use a “revenue-sharing” feature for paid events.

    Eventbrite’s formula is the very best there is out there on the market–the Shangri-La–for all the right reasons. I guess that’s why they are #1.

    Another provider that we know of uses a similar revenue sharing feature, however, they do not put a cap on the total amount per ticket – they charge a straight percentage (20%) of ticket fees and they do not provide an option for you to “instantly” receive the payment directly to your PayPal account. They receive the payment, collect their cut, and send your share to your Paypal account within a few days; I guess they are not thinking “long-term” but nonetheless it’s not too bad. Although 20% may seem a bit high, it does however give them a tremendous incentive to go all out and promote your event, which they do remarkably well.

    Just a little bit of food for thought! Take good care


  5. I’m in! Free webinars are great. However, FREE is islusive and every intelligent person knows it doesn’t exist. Even on the Internet. We’re all trying to make a buck! Free, New, Now, etc don’t work in today’s marketing world. If you don’t charge a couple of bucks there seems to be no value. I am going to charge $100 with a coupon for much less! Your banner ads (don’t tell this to your advertisers) have been no problems to my attendees. (SSHHH…. With the branding they think the advertisers are paying ME!!)


  6. I agree with one of the other comments. If I am going to charge for an event, I would rather pay you a fee and have the advertising removed. I don’t think any of my clients would use the service as is without major complaints (the advertising present if they are paying).


    1. Believe it or not, we read everyone’s blog comments and emails because of great feedback like yours. That’s why we are now making webinars that use the PayPal ticketing feature ad free! Please see the update to the post.


  7. this is a great addition – concur with the guys re the ads but that is why you can offer for free which is great for so many people…. If ony the recordings were in one file not a host of file – so that we could use them as a video file on multi platforms and extract the audio – now that would be very useful and save people the need to pay a monthly ongoing high cost fee with other providers or a one off very high fee


  8. Hello,
    I am researching free webinar hosting sites and was referred to this one that seems to have many great features. I saw a reference to a “small convenience fee” to be assessed on webinar registrations using the PayPal system. Can you please tell me how much the fee is? I assume this fee is paid by the person registering – is that correct?


    1. Linda,

      For every transaction, PayPal deducts $.30 + 2.9% of the total transaction. AnyMeeting also deducts $1 + 20% of the transaction to cover business expenses related to the transaction. This fee is non-refundable. A minimum charge of $5 is required to use this feature. The attendee pays for the ticket, not the presenter.

      For example if you charge the attendee $40 for a ticket the PayPal fees would be $1.46 and the AnyMeeting fee would be $9. Your profit would be $29.54.

      Please take a look at the tutorial video that shows you the details. You can also contact with any questions.


  9. A “small” convenience fee is not $1 + 20%

    A “small” convenience fee is what paypal charges.

    Just call it a fee, not a small convenience fee, call it like it is. People will still do it I am sure. Very misleading to call it small. 1/5 of your ticket price is not small.


  10. You can easily host your own webinar replay on your site using amazon S3 storeage and their cloud services. Add JFlowplayer or other Flash player for an easy solution.

    It is easy to setup using a WordPress or on a simple html page and there are not bandwidth problems. You just need an Amazon account and pay a usage-based fee to use amazon S3 and their cloud services.


  11. How does Anymeeting handle affiliates that we want to allow to earn commissions for promoting our webinars?

    If they don’t are there plans to offer an affiliate system for us to track our promoters?

    It seems to me (because I am a marketer) that this would have been thought of and rolled out because it only helps anymeeting earn more of their fees the more participants that are buying access to a webinar.

    I am available for consulting and designing a business model for this.

    Richard Wing


  12. Is there a way to bypass the registration and let some people in for free? I have more than one presenter from different places in the world, and I don’t want them to have to pay like the attendees.


  13. We use EventBee for ticketing. We’ve used them for over a year with no problems.

    For paid webinars, they charge $1 per ticket, and then PayPal takes a portion of the fee. Your surcharge places you in the realm of non competitive. We switched to them after using another application who charged a percentage as you do.

    My registrants are told that the price on the webinar is lower because the technology is graciously supported by ads. They get it, they accept it and they don’t have to cover a pass through of the 10% or 20%.


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