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Feature Spotlight – Edit Recording Playback

Recording your webinar or online meeting is a great way to ensure that the information presented and discussed is available for all who were not able to attend due to prior engagements.  You can even easily share your recording by posting a link to it on your web site, so everyone can enjoy it whenever they like.

However, did you know that AnyMeeting also lets you edit your recording?  With AnyMeeting’s Edit Recording Playback feature, you can trim the beginning and end of your recording.  So, you can trim that awkward beginning when you are waiting for people to join and you’re preparing to share your screen, and you can tighten up the end so the recording stops at an appropriate time.  You can also add bookmarks or cue points within the recording that will take the viewer to specific sections of the presentation you feel are important to highlight.

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Customer Case Study:  NCCEP – Mexico, Alianzas Educativas

The Challenge
The Consejo Nacional de Alianzas Educativas (NCCEP – Mexico), an international non-profit organization that helps maximize resources of public schools, was starting a project that would help teachers in Mexico become more familiar with computers and integrate the technology into their classrooms. … Read More

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Tips for Better Presentations

I’m So Tired of This Webinar Aren’t You?
When you hear the word webinar, do you get excited?  When the boss comes into your office and says “There’s a webinar I want everyone to attend this week,” do you look forward to it?  In a recent national study, more people responded they would rather do their taxes, go to the dentist (Ouch!!!) or even come in to work on the weekend than attend the average webinar presentation.

So, what is the problem?  Why are people zoning out or literally falling asleep during my webinar presentation, which took me so much time and effort to put together?  Perhaps the answer lies in the presentation itself.

Often, we try to cram too much information into the presentation.  The slides end up clunky and text heavy, without the possibility of visual stimulation or audience interaction.  More often then not, there are too many slides, sometimes 20 or 30 slides when 8 or 10 at the most is best.

It can be difficult to cut out slides, but as you go through and refine your presentation, you’ll find there are ways to bring your presentation down to size.  Slides with bullet points work well and allow the presenter to address each point in his own unique words instead of reading a lengthy, snooze enducing paragraph directly from the slide that everyone could just as easily read themselves, and destroying any element of surprise for your audience.

Audience participation is also important to the success of your presentation.  Now I’m not saying give them a test at the end of your presentation, but asking pointed questions during your presentation and, perhaps even throwing in a joke or two to keep the mood light, will help keep your audience alert and engaged.  Images and short video clips that help illustrate your point can be helpful as well, especially if your subject matter is very visually oriented.  Above all else though, don’t forget to prepare and rehearse rehearse rehearse before giving your presentation.  Nothing makes people tune out more than a presenter who is not tuned in.  A great resource is Ken Molay’s The Webinar Blog, which offers tips and advice for better presentations.

What is the Presenter Wearing?
So you’re getting ready to host a video conference in about twenty minutes.  You have your presentation set, all of your attendees have confirmed and the computer you will be broadcasting from is ready, with webcam and headset installed.  The conference will last through lunch and you have a little time, so you fix yourself a quick bite to eat, even being careful to wear your napkin as a bib to keep from getting any food on yourself.

You finish eating and soon start the conference.  Everything is going swimmingly and your presentation is about ten minutes in when you start getting chat messages from your attendees asking what you are wearing.  Suddenly, you realize that you have been giving your entire presentation while still wearing the napkin you used as a bib during your pre-conference lunch.

Incidents like this happen more often than you might think, and sometimes they’re even worse.  I recently heard about someone who was giving a presentation from home and decided to take a quick dip in the pool before starting.  Not long into his presentation, his attendees started asking if he was naked, as he had forgotten to put on a shirt after getting out of the pool to join the conference.  Remember, before starting or joining any video conference, take a quick look in the mirror and ensure that you are “dressed for success.”

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Ask the Editor

We are always looking for feedback and look forward to hearing from you.  Please send us your comments and questions and we will address them in future newsletters. Click here to send us a question or comment.

Calling for Case Studies
We are seeking stories or case studies from companies using our service that we can share with the media and others as examples of the successful impact our service has had on companies.  If you have a story of how our service was used by your company to solve a problem or help the company to succeed, please tell us about it and we can use it as a case study that might even be featured in a major publication.  Click here to send us your story.

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4 thoughts on “AnyMeeting July eNewsletter

  1. I honestly have two frustrations, the main one being is when I set up a call I dont get an email so that I can easily put it in outlook, the other is, that you dont have an address book, otherwise, happy


    1. Thanks for the great feedback, we are constantly working on improving the usability of AnyMeeting. I’ll pass this along to our product team. In the meantime, you can add your email address to the list of attendees when scheduling a meeting. This will send an email to you with all of the details that you can then forward from Outlook or copy and paste into a new email.


  2. I have found that using the chat feature for attendees help. I have them leave me questions in the chat area so that it doesn’t interrupt the flow of the call, but they don’t forget to ask what is on their mind either.

    I haven’t used the webcam feature yet, so I am glad for the warning!

    Thanks for the advice!


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