Social Media Integration Helps Spread the Word on Your Webinar

Free Web ConferencingFree Online Meeting ServiceImagine you’ve created the perfect webinar. It is well put together, keeps the audience engaged and provides information that is valuable not only to those in your company, but the industry as well. So, the next step is to get people to attend. You are ready to send out invitations, and you know everyone in your company will sign up, but you will still have a lot of open seats that you hope to fill with outside influencers and thought leaders in the industry.

Did you know that you can you use social media to spread the word and promote your webinar? AnyMeeting’s social media integration features allow you to automatically promote your scheduled event on your social media accounts. The first step is to set up your Public Profile, which provides the tools you’ll need to easily share and promote upcoming webinars. This feature allows you to create a personalized page you can share, with information about yourself and the upcoming webinars you will be hosting. You can also add key words to your profile page to help boost its search engine ranking.

Once you have created your profile, you can connect your Facebook account and Twitter stream to your public profile. Then, when you are setting up invitations to your webinar, you can choose the option to make the webinar public and AnyMeeting will automatically post information about your webinar on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Before you know it, your webinar will be filled to capacity with people eager to learn from you.

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