Web Conferencing & The Gift of Time

Free Web ConferencingIn a perfect world, we would have enough time to do everything we need and want to do.  There would be plenty of time to finish that project, train new staff members in different locations and meet in person with those perspective clients in Boston and New York.

Well, this may not be a perfect world, but with the advent of web conferencing, technology has found a way to create more hours in the day.  Everyone is talking about how web conferencing technology is reducing our carbon footprint.  In fact Terrapass.com has a Carbon Footprint Calculator that will tell you how many pounds of CO2 you are saving by web conferencing instead of traveling and meeting in person.

However, we often forget about how much time is saved by meeting online.  A one hour in person meeting can take a half a day’s time if you have to travel an hour to the meeting and back.  It can use up a full day if air travel is involved.

Wasted hours and days on simply getting to and from a meeting or training session adds up to a lot of lost productivity and opportunity to grow the business, which is critical to small businesses.  Although nothing can beat the face to face connection that is made when meeting in person, web conferencing offers several advantages, including the gift of time.  This is especially true if the web conferencing service is full featured and doesn’t cost anything.  Then, time is truly a free gift.


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