Customer Case Study:

The Challenge is a great web site that offers resources to help and guide authors in getting their novels published.  However, many aspiring authors prefer to have more step-by-step instructions on how to get it done properly.  “Being a seasoned speaker and having a love for teaching and sharing knowledge, I decided to offer a “Get Your Book Published,” virtual class,” said Shelley Hitz Owner,  Unfortunately, she did not have the budget to use one of the premium webinar platforms available to give her class.

Over several months, Shelley researched free webinar platforms, but wasn’t able to find anything that truly offered all of the features that she needed.  “I even contemplated using Camtasia and recording the training, then offering it as an informational product,” Shelley said, but she really wanted to offer a live component as well, with Q&A.  She also wanted to offer a replay link as well as having a recording of the class that could be sold as a standalone product.

The Solution:  AnyMeeting

After an exhaustive search, Shelley came upon a link to AnyMeeting from a forum she was visiting.  Not only does AnyMeeting’s service allow her to host webinars with up to 200 participants for free, but it also provides a registration page with the company logo, follow-up emails to attendees and a replay link that Shelley can password protect for the paid classes she gives.  She can also record her class and use AnyMeeting’s editing tools to save it offline and sell as a separate digital product.

“I have researched and used many of the webinar platforms out there today and blows them all away.  I still have a hard time believing that it is free.  Thank you so much for offering such an incredible product for small business owners like me to use to grow my business and my income.”  Shelley Hitz, Owner,

Company  History

In 2008 Shelley Hitz was interested in publishing a book, but did not have the means to use a publishing company, which would have been beyond her budget.  So, she started doing some research on the Internet, looking at self publishing options.  A friend of Shelley’s had given her the idea when he showed her his self-published book.

The book was very impressive, and Shelley was amazed at the professional quality.  It looked and felt just like a book from a large publishing company, and the price was very affordable.  She soon found out that it cost practically nothing to publish a book yourself and you can order copies for just a few dollars per book.  “I could do this, I thought to myself, and I had to find out more,” said Shelley Hitz.

Since then, Shelley Hitz has self-published five books in the last two years to sell and has started a website to help other aspiring authors publish their own books called


13 thoughts on “Customer Case Study:

  1. Great article. You said: “She can also record her class and use AnyMeeting’s editing tools to save it offline and sell as a separate digital product.” Can you please elaborate? Download a zip-file of the recording? Entire webinar with video? Audio only? Then, how to burn to CD or DVD? Many thanks, Lou


    1. We host your recordings for you on the AnyMeeting site, which is the easiest method of sharing your recordings. You can also download your recordings as a zip file and do with them as you please – host them on your own site, burn them on to a DVD etc.


  2. is there a way to have a meeting presentation, but not allow the participants to see who else is in the meeting, or how many are in the meeting. I want to host a presentation but do not want participants to know how many others are on.
    and if so, how would i do that?


  3. Bob,
    I can´t see the possibility to download the recordings in mymeetings.
    It´s just a URL of the recording and I would like to publish it, but this does not seem possible.
    Where can I find this download option?


    1. Hi Herwin,

      The recording feature does not offer the option to download a recording. Only the URL of the recording is available, which can be shared with others or on your web site.


  4. Unclear from comments if we can download video. Is it possible? Has anyone done it and how? As one person said, just the url seen in the source code doesn’t work.


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