Social Media Integration Helps Spread the Word on Your Webinar

Free Web ConferencingFree Online Meeting ServiceImagine you’ve created the perfect webinar. It is well put together, keeps the audience engaged and provides information that is valuable not only to those in your company, but the industry as well. So, the next step is to get people to attend. You are ready to send out invitations, and you know everyone in your company will sign up, but you will still have a lot of open seats that you hope to fill with outside influencers and thought leaders in the industry.

Did you know that you can you use social media to spread the word and promote your webinar? AnyMeeting’s social media integration features allow you to automatically promote your scheduled event on your social media accounts. The first step is to set up your Public Profile, which provides the tools you’ll need to easily share and promote upcoming webinars. This feature allows you to create a personalized page you can share, with information about yourself and the upcoming webinars you will be hosting. You can also add key words to your profile page to help boost its search engine ranking.

Once you have created your profile, you can connect your Facebook account and Twitter stream to your public profile. Then, when you are setting up invitations to your webinar, you can choose the option to make the webinar public and AnyMeeting will automatically post information about your webinar on your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Before you know it, your webinar will be filled to capacity with people eager to learn from you.

Web Conferencing & The Gift of Time

Free Web ConferencingIn a perfect world, we would have enough time to do everything we need and want to do.  There would be plenty of time to finish that project, train new staff members in different locations and meet in person with those perspective clients in Boston and New York.

Well, this may not be a perfect world, but with the advent of web conferencing, technology has found a way to create more hours in the day.  Everyone is talking about how web conferencing technology is reducing our carbon footprint.  In fact has a Carbon Footprint Calculator that will tell you how many pounds of CO2 you are saving by web conferencing instead of traveling and meeting in person.

However, we often forget about how much time is saved by meeting online.  A one hour in person meeting can take a half a day’s time if you have to travel an hour to the meeting and back.  It can use up a full day if air travel is involved.

Wasted hours and days on simply getting to and from a meeting or training session adds up to a lot of lost productivity and opportunity to grow the business, which is critical to small businesses.  Although nothing can beat the face to face connection that is made when meeting in person, web conferencing offers several advantages, including the gift of time.  This is especially true if the web conferencing service is full featured and doesn’t cost anything.  Then, time is truly a free gift.


AnyMeeting June eNewsletter

Feature Spotlight – Your Public Profile

One of the best features AnyMeeting offers has to be your own public profile.  If you haven’t used it yet, try it out, it’s like a social networking page just for you that can connect and talk to your other social networks.  The public profile is a great way to promote your meetings and yourself.

You can customize your page with a recent photo, links to your web site and information about yourself.  The profile page can also link to your Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.  Recordings of your previous meetings are stored on your profile page as well.  It’s easy to fill in and only takes a few minutes.  For more information, please see the AnyMeeting support site.

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Customer Case Study:

The Challenge is a great web site that offers resources to help and guide authors in getting their novels published.  However, many aspiring authors prefer to have more step-by-step instructions on how to get it done properly.  “Being a seasoned speaker and having a love for teaching and sharing knowledge, I decided to offer a “Get Your Book Published,” virtual class,” said Shelley Hitz Owner,  Unfortunately, she did not have the budget to use one of the premium webinar platforms available to give her class… Read More

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Tips for Better Presentations

Your Screensaver is Causing Me Problems

Screensavers are a great utility that come with every computer, serving as an entertaining way to prevent phosphor burn-in on your Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) or plasma computer monitor.  I personally have a family slideshow of pictures that comes up on my computer at home.  We often find ourselves watching the show whenever we walk by the computer as it is running.  However, screensavers can be a nuisance when you are sharing your screen during a webinar or an online meeting.

When hosting a webinar or online meeting, there may be extended periods of time when there is no activity on the screen.  If you are not careful, your computer may revert to the screensaver when screen sharing and your audience will see your family pictures or whatever screensaver (hopefully not an inappropriate one) you have set.  So, before starting your webinar or online meeting, be sure to check your settings and ensure that your screensaver won’t cause you any problems.

Are You in the Dark, Where are You?

A good thing to remember when you are getting ready to host a webinar and are using the video broadcasting feature is lighting.  Does the room you are broadcasting from provide enough light for people to see you?  Most web cameras do not broadcast well in dark rooms, so if there is not enough light, your attendees will only see a shadow of yourself.   Before starting your AnyMeeting video broadcast, it’s a good idea to run a system test on the computer you will be using.  The test will let you see how your image will appear to those attending your meeting, and you can adjust accordingly.

Energy saving lighting motion detectors is another thing to consider.  A lot of newer office buildings have installed them (I have one in my office) and if you are not moving around enough, the lights will automatically turn off.

Although they are great for controlling energy consumption in an office, they can be annoying for anyone giving a video broadcast.  Since there is not a lot of movement when you are presenting, the sensor will assume inactivity and will turn out the lights on your presentation.  So, if you are broadcasting from a room with one of these sensors, it may be a good idea to have an additional light source turned on so you are not left in the dark.

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Calling for Case Studies
We are seeking stories or case studies from companies using our service that we can share with the media and others as examples of the successful impact our service has had on companies.  If you have a story of how our service was used by your company to solve a problem or help the company to succeed, please tell us about it and we can use it as a case study that might even be featured in a major publication.  Click here to send us your story.

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Customer Case Study:

The Challenge is a great web site that offers resources to help and guide authors in getting their novels published.  However, many aspiring authors prefer to have more step-by-step instructions on how to get it done properly.  “Being a seasoned speaker and having a love for teaching and sharing knowledge, I decided to offer a “Get Your Book Published,” virtual class,” said Shelley Hitz Owner,  Unfortunately, she did not have the budget to use one of the premium webinar platforms available to give her class.

Over several months, Shelley researched free webinar platforms, but wasn’t able to find anything that truly offered all of the features that she needed.  “I even contemplated using Camtasia and recording the training, then offering it as an informational product,” Shelley said, but she really wanted to offer a live component as well, with Q&A.  She also wanted to offer a replay link as well as having a recording of the class that could be sold as a standalone product.

The Solution:  AnyMeeting

After an exhaustive search, Shelley came upon a link to AnyMeeting from a forum she was visiting.  Not only does AnyMeeting’s service allow her to host webinars with up to 200 participants for free, but it also provides a registration page with the company logo, follow-up emails to attendees and a replay link that Shelley can password protect for the paid classes she gives.  She can also record her class and use AnyMeeting’s editing tools to save it offline and sell as a separate digital product.

“I have researched and used many of the webinar platforms out there today and blows them all away.  I still have a hard time believing that it is free.  Thank you so much for offering such an incredible product for small business owners like me to use to grow my business and my income.”  Shelley Hitz, Owner,

Company  History

In 2008 Shelley Hitz was interested in publishing a book, but did not have the means to use a publishing company, which would have been beyond her budget.  So, she started doing some research on the Internet, looking at self publishing options.  A friend of Shelley’s had given her the idea when he showed her his self-published book.

The book was very impressive, and Shelley was amazed at the professional quality.  It looked and felt just like a book from a large publishing company, and the price was very affordable.  She soon found out that it cost practically nothing to publish a book yourself and you can order copies for just a few dollars per book.  “I could do this, I thought to myself, and I had to find out more,” said Shelley Hitz.

Since then, Shelley Hitz has self-published five books in the last two years to sell and has started a website to help other aspiring authors publish their own books called