New Name, Even Better Free Web Conferencing

Thanks to your support, Freebinar has been growing rapidly!  Over the next few weeks, we will be making some exciting new announcements — the first announcement being our new name, AnyMeeting.  We would like to thank you for all of your comments and suggestions, which helped us select our new name.

Free Web ConferencingAs part of our rebranding effort, we will be broadening the scope of services we offer to go beyond just webinars.  In the very near future, we will begin rolling out a wider variety of meeting features and services.  Does this mean we are going to try to up-sell you to pay for these features? Absolutely not.  Our commitment to being free and being the best is stronger than ever.

Beginning March 26th, we will transition to  Not to worry, this change won’t affect your scheduled meetings, recordings or account log-in details.  When the transition is made, url’s will simply redirect to their corresponding url’s.  For example, if you already scheduled a meeting for next month and sent out invitations, attendees will still be able to access your meeting with the meeting link they received.

Keep your eye out over the next few weeks for exciting new features announcements. The best way to stay informed is to follow our new AnyMeeting Facebook and Twitter accounts.


39 thoughts on “New Name, Even Better Free Web Conferencing

  1. I’ve got to get back to using webinars. I liked what I experienced when I tried freebinar last year. Thanks for the reminder to return 🙂

    All the changes sound very promising, by the way. I hope you can continue providing a free service that is superior to the paid services I’ve witnessed (though haven’t used).


  2. Thanks so very much for your Free Webinar Service! I’ve used it several times in training a new client & being able to record those trainings have also been a dbl. blessing! Looking forward to all the new stuff y’all are planning to add soon & it’ll still be FREE. AWESOME!!


  3. Used your services for over a year now and I couldn’t ask for
    anything better to build my business. Thanks for your continued service!


  4. We using freebinar for our web conferencing and webinars.
    It would be good to offer your service also in German, because many people here still do not understand foreign languages.


  5. Our group enjoys using the platform! Best of Luck with the new name – sounds awesome! And thanks so much for providing an incredible service. We tell everyone about it and they get excited because it’s free!


  6. Your web conference service is EXCELLENT !!! Keep up the good work.

    By the way, the advertisements that appear in the right-hand column are pretty good (and relevant!) … I’m contacting a local renovations contractor from one of your ads.


    1. We are always exploring ways we can improve our service to better meet our customer’s needs. We take note of all customer requests and use them to guide our product development. I’ll make sure your request gets passed to our product team.


  7. So appreciative of your service. We’re sharing your service with our customers through our downloadable training programs and encouraging them to use online meetings and webinars to enhance their own businesses. Keep up the awesome work!


  8. I love your service far above and beyond the rest! Great name change. Don’t use your service as much as I’d like to even though I prefer it – because of the ads. Is there a reasonable paid level to avoid them?


    1. I’m glad you like our service and new name! Regarding an ad-free version of AnyMeeting, we will considering offering it in the future if it’s something a lot of our customers would like. If we do offer it, we’ll always have a full-featured ad supported free version for those who would prefer that. Make sure you follow us on facebook and/or twitter to stay updated on our new features. Thanks again for your great feedback!


  9. To the staff at Freebinar:

    Recently, started to use freebinar and it’s an awesome service. Still learning the system. Look forward to the new meeting features and services. Congratulations on the new name “AnyMeeting”.


  10. I don’t seem to be able to cut off the first 25 seconds from the recording.
    I have set the “starting” point there, I saved it, still it reappears…
    Any idea ?


    1. Currently, only English is supported. However, our product team is constantly upgrading AnyMeeting based on customer feedback. I’ll pass your request along to them.


  11. Anymeeting is a quality free web conferencing tool. Additionally, one may even use WebEx, gomeetnow, gotomeeting, RHUB TurboMeeting, Microsoft Lynch etc., web conferencing software’s in order to conduct webinars, web conferences, online meetings, online presentations etc.


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