Improved Screen Sharing & Recording Editing Now Available

Update: Please note that AnyMeeting was known as Freebinar prior to 3/26/11. Blog posts prior to this date may still mention Freebinar. For more information, please review our blog post or FAQ’s.

Screen Sharing is Now More User Friendly

  • Text chat notifications sent to presenters when screen sharing
  • Easily switch which file is being displayed when in application sharing mode

We received a lot of feedback from Freebinar customers on how it was difficult to use screen sharing and view incoming text chats at the same time.  To solve this issue, we’ve added text chat notifications.  Now when in screen sharing mode, presenters receive a pop-up notification when an attendee sends a text chat.

Free Web Conferencing Screen Sharing Chat Notification

We have also made usability improvements to application sharing.  Presenters can now easily switch the application being shared directly from the system tray. We’ve also changed the view attendees see when application sharing is paused, now attendees see a snapshot of the application rather than a blank gray screen.  For example, if the presenter is displaying a PowerPoint presentation via application sharing and needs to view the Freebinar interface to respond to a text chat, attendees will still see PowerPoint on their screens.

* These screen sharing upgrades are immediately available to presenters on PC’s who install the updated Freebinar screen sharing plug-in.  Mac users and those who haven’t installed the plug-in can still use screen sharing in full screen mode.

Presenters Can Now Easily Edit Recordings

  • Adjust start and finish times
  • Add bookmarks (cue points) within the presentation

The new recording editing feature includes the ability to adjust the start and stop time of recorded meetings.  Presenters can now also add bookmarks (cue points), which take viewers to specific points in the presentation.

If you have any questions or would like more information about Freebinar’s new features, be sure to check out our support site:

3 thoughts on “Improved Screen Sharing & Recording Editing Now Available

  1. This is a good development. I’ve just started using freebinar and just last week queried an editing facility and here you go! Good work. Now…

    …how about a facility to enable the Uploading of a presentation? That would be ideal.


  2. I love Freebinar! What an amazing Tool.. and you cant beat the Fee! lol May God Bless You and continue to prosper the growth of all you guys continue to do! You Rock!


  3. I have to say that you guys are the greatest. I thought Mikogo was great but I actually think that Freebinar has more (and better) features now. Fantastic job guys! I’m Freebinar-loyal through and through now. Thank you!

    -Sung Kim
    Servane Cross, Inc.


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