Announcing Live Quick Start Training Webinars

Note: This post was updated on 3/30/11

Learn how easy it is to schedule and host your own free online meetings with AnyMeeting.   One of our web conferencing experts will provide presentation best practices, tips and more.  Have questions or comments?  Interact live with our AnyMeeting expert and receive real-time answers.

Live Quick Start Training
When: Every Wednesday at 10:00 AM PST
Duration: 30 min
Register Online:

Not able to attend a live session?  Don’t worry, you can view a recording of one of the Quick Start Training sessions on-demand, anytime.  Simply go to:

17 thoughts on “Announcing Live Quick Start Training Webinars

  1. Do you plan to add live video conferencing, like Dimdim used to offer when they still were in business? This is a feature we valued with Dimdim, but of course, can no longer use.

    We are considering Freebinar as a good Dimdim substitute for our occasional small non-profit Webinars.

    BTW, your recorded tutorial was very clear and thorough. Many thanks.


    1. Great question. We are planning to roll-out a number of product enhancements around the second quarter of this year. One of the new features we will be launching is the ability to stream live video through a web cam. Even with all of these upgrades, Freebinar will remain free.


      1. Based on your experience to date, will the ad content ever be inappropriate for business use? We wouldn’t want to be embarrassed to use Freebinar because it shows ads that could be obviously offensive.



  2. Do you have any marking pen tools or highlighter tools that we can use for emphasis or to point out certain items while we share the screen. Using the mouse isn’t always the most effective means to emphasis something to the audience. Thank you,


  3. I second and third the request for annotation tools. I’m planning webinars for two different businesses and webinars for both would greatly benefit from a marking pen tool or highlighter.
    Thank your passing along the request.


  4. Great service, but it would be good if there is the possibility to talk with other presenters at the same time. this function will very appreciate!


  5. I have just joined and would like to record a training presentation that I can use at a meeting next week. How can I do this and edit any sections so that it is of the best quality when we have the meeting next week?


  6. I just recently signed up for an account and had my first webinar. My only issue is when I open my powerpoint to file it open on my PC desktop before hand then when Iam doing it live, it keeps saying press onto the application your require. I click on the webinar screen in hope that it will change over to the next page. So I ended up having to close the webinar page, go straight to my PC desktop either stay on that page and click and speak, and go back into the webinar page to see if its the same page as my desktop, the go back out again to come back in. When Iam on my pc desktop the powerpoint is open full size..I cannot see people text, unless I have to go back in the webinar..can any one suggest the way of best sort this out? When I was with DIMDIM I was able to do everything on the webinar without going in and out.


  7. Hi,

    We did our first webinar for the company in the past week and all went well except when I gave screen sharing power to a co-worker. It never did work. I think I know why but if not will get back to you. Anyway, I have some self-contained PowerPoint presentations with Narration I would like to share through the webinar. The slide portion works great but is it possible to get the audio to share in the webinar as well? Thanks and a great product. The ads are not distractive at all and as long as non-offensive, they are appreciated in keeping the service free.


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