Freebinar Releases Webinar Recording Hosting and Application Sharing Features

Update: Please note that AnyMeeting was known as Freebinar prior to 3/26/11. Blog posts prior to this date may still mention Freebinar. For more information, please review our blog post or FAQ’s.

The ”free-forever” webinar service continues to exceed user expectations by launching two highly demanded features: Webinar Recording and Screen Sharing 2.0.

Huntington Beach, California, October 13, 2010 – With overwhelming adoption from users worldwide, Freebinar has already delivered over 3 million minutes of web conferencing usage. By offering 650% more seat capacity than competitors and no meeting-time restrictions, Freebinar is quickly becoming a must-have web conferencing software for many small business owners, non-profit organizations and government officials.  To further improve its webinar service, the company just added Webinar Recording and Screen Sharing 2.0 – making Freebinar the first “free-forever”, unlimited and most full-featured provider in the web conferencing and webinar industry.

Webinar Recording enables users to record their webinar as it happens and host their recordings in their Freebinar account.  An embedded link to the recording is provided so that meeting hosts can easily share recorded webinars through email, blogs and social networks. The improved Screen Sharing 2.0 introduces faster screen sharing performance, color quality, and application sharing, which allows hosts to choose specific applications to share with attendees for increased privacy. With these new features, Freebinar is comparable to many paid webinar services, such as GoToWebinar, that could easily cost up to $1,100 per year.

“We’re living up to our mission – to provide a free, world class webinar service that is comparable to the best paid services available”, said Costin Tuculescu, CEO. “While other free web conferencing and webinar providers limit features and max out attendance at 10 or 20, Freebinar allows hosts to conduct online meetings with up to 150 attendees, with easy-to-use invitation, registration and survey tools with unlimited meeting time.”  Freebinar is growing quickly, adding over a thousand new webinar host accounts per month.

To sign up for a “free-forever” web conferencing and webinar account with Freebinar, simply go to

About Freebinar

Freebinar is a free web conferencing and webinar service created by Huntington Beach, California – based CosNet Inc., a web conferencing software developer and provider. Built on CosNet’s proven Software-as-a Service platform, Freebinar’s services exceed any other free webinar applications on the market. Webinar hosts can invite up to 150 attendees per meeting with no meeting-time restrictions. With free customer service, Freebinar is the best choice for businesses ready to hold an online meeting. To learn more, visit


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(714) 890-3008 ext. 113


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2 thoughts on “Freebinar Releases Webinar Recording Hosting and Application Sharing Features

  1. I just want to express my GRATITUDE for your excellent service!

    I am awed by all the feautres I am discovering, that make it easier to connect with the people who join!

    I am still having some technical issues with some script & it gets unresponsive, which may be because I had 3 other Google Chrome tabs open.. Or should I use another browser… Please tell me what to try, because I am planning my next webinar next Thursday!

    Thank you in advance,

    Monica Sancio


    1. Thank you for the kind words, we love hearing how people are using Freebinar to enhance their business and connect with people all over the world.

      Regarding the Chrome browser issue, the best thing to do is contact our customer support team and they will help you out. For a quick resolution, please include all of the details of the issue you are having including: your computer operating system, browser and version, what page (URL) you are having the issue on, any error messages you are receiving, etc. The more detail you can provide the faster they can help you resolve the issue. You can reach support via the feedback widget at the bottom of your Freebinar My Webinars account page or by sending an email to


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