What Do You Want in a Webinar Service?

Update: Please note that AnyMeeting was known as Freebinar prior to 3/26/11. Blog posts prior to this date may still mention Freebinar. For more information, please review our blog post or FAQ’s.

At Freebinar, our mantra is “make it good and make it free.” Our goal is to provide a free, world-class webinar service that competes with the best paid services available. This may leave you thinking “why is your service free?” and “how do you stay in business, if your service is free?” It’s simple: we are experimenting with various innovative revenue models, which allows us to provide a free service to you. Freebinar’s value not only lies in the fact that we are a free service, but in the quality of our webinar tools.

Our free webinar service provides the following features:

  • screen sharing
  • polling and survey tools
  • chat
  • Q&A-style chat between attendees and presenters
  • free phone conferencing
  • unlimited meetings
  • up to 150 attendees per meeting
  • unlimited meeting time
  • email notifications for meetings
  • customizable attendee registration
  • post-meeting reporting

All you and your attendees need is a web browser—it’s that easy.

Freebinar has already gained momentum with increasing daily usage, which is very exciting. As we are gaining a broader customer-base, we want to hear from you! If you are new to Freebinar, and have just stumbled upon this blog entry, please feel free to visit our site at www.freebinar.com. Be sure to check out our Support Wiki, equipped with instructional videos, as well as helpful user guides. If you are already a Freebinar user, and have not taken our quick Customer Satisfaction Survey, please do so!

So far, the feedback from the Freebinar Customer Satisfaction Survey (which was first distributed in November 2009) has been pretty positive. As with any new product, there has been constructive criticism and suggestions, which we are taking very seriously. One customer suggested that we increase marketing initiatives for Freebinar because it is a “fantastic product.” We are currently working on that.

Please remember that we are still in beta, and we appreciate your help in finding and fixing any bugs. We will continue to reach out to current and potential Freebinar users in hopes to understand your needs. By getting the most out of our platform, you will assist us in our mission to provide the best free webinar service available.

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7 comments on this post.
  1. Paulo Gregory:

    First of all, congrats! Freebinar is a great site.
    But, I want to share my camera video with high quality. Are there possible?


  2. Damian:

    Hi Paulo, thank you for the comment. At this time, Freebinar doesn’t have the ability to broadcast a web cam. However, we are constantly adding new features so this may be something we add in the near future.

  3. Robert:

    For use with a camera, wouldn’t I be able to stream it live or have the camera running on the screen during the webinar?

  4. Freebinar:

    We are planning to roll-out a number of product enhancements around the second quarter of this year. One of the new features we will be launching is the ability to stream live video through a web cam.

  5. Cheryl Sheasby:

    I definitely would like to be able to stream live from my webcam! Otherwise – great site!

  6. Craig:

    why cant I get back into the chating area it really helps me out and I dont want to miss the 11 oclock meeting like I did the 9 oclock one

  7. Damian:

    Hi Craig,

    If you are trying to attend a meeting, please contact the person who organized the meeting for information on how to attend. If you are having technical difficulties, please visit http://support.anymeeting.com/

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