AnyMeeting Releases New iPad App

Small business happens everywhere.  And meetings, webinars, and video conferences must be easy to attend from anywhere at anytime.  That’s why we are excited to announce that AnyMeeting has released a new free iPad app that is available for download in the iTunes App Store.  The app enables iPad users to easily attend a meeting, watch a screen share, and even broadcast their video.  Today, meeting attendees participating  from the iPad app, will be able to:

  • View any presentations.
  • Listen to any audio broadcast through your iPad speakers.
  • Call in to participate through your phone.
  • Broadcast video through either the front or back camera of your iPad.

AnyMeeting iPad App Screenshot 4-way-video

For complete instructions on using the new AnyMeeting iPad app visit our support site.

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  1. Khaled Mosli:

    This is awesome guys!!

    I am excited to start using this App in our office. It’s a dream comes true.

    Great job on bringing that feature on board.


  2. Jason Maas:

    Great news! Thank you for your hard work!

    Do you plan to add the ability to send audio via the app?

    Any plans for an iPhone app?

  3. Mairéad:

    I don’t see a mention of this being available as an android app, is it available?

  4. Adam Stafford:

    WOW! This is amazing, I am so impressed with the service offerings and new features popping up all the time!!!

    Keep up the great work, downloading…

  5. chrisb:

    Thanks Jason. Yes, iPhone and audio coming. Stay tuned for updates on timing!

  6. chrisb:

    Hi – yes Android is in the pipeline. Not available yet. Stay tuned!

  7. chrisb:

    Thanks Adam!

  8. Jason Kibbe:

    I tried to manually enter the meeting URL into the ipad app (entire URL or just after the /) and it wouldn’t work. It kept adding a 1 after the URL keyword and telling me to download an updated version…

  9. Jan:

    Any News on the iPhone app?


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