AnyMeeting Gets a User Interface-Lift

AnyMeeting User Interface

AnyMeeting User Interface

AnyMeeting has improved its user interface to enhance your in-meeting experience.  Start or enter a meeting, and a notice will appear with details on that particular meeting, along with a handy help menu containing information relevant to your status as a meeting host or attendee.  You will also notice that the meeting control bar has moved to the top of the screen where it can be easily seen and accessed.  Everything you need to manage your in-meeting experience as a host or attendee is right in front of you.

Simply hover over an icon on the tool bar and a short description of that tool will appear below.  Click on the icon to start or stop that feature.  Hosting or attending, managing your meeting has never been easier.

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  1. Jason Longo:

    Wow. I just used it yesterday, pre-facelift and I can see how moving the toolbar up would be a plus, along with the on-hover tips. AnyMeeting is a great product from registration to follow-up survey. The small (but growing) business appreciates your services and business model. – Jason Longo

  2. Happy Holidays from AnyMeeting:

    [...] exciting additions such as the Small Business Toolkit webinar series, the new YouTube feature, an updated user interface, integration with VMware’s Zimbra Collaboration, Single Sign-On from the Google Chrome Web [...]

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