Keep Telling Us Your AnyMeeting Success Story

Everyone loves a success story, so please keep sending them.  We have received some great stories last month, but we want more.  So, we are extending the contest and encourage you to enter your success story if you have not already.  Your AnyMeeting success story may now be entered throughout the month of September. At the end of the month, story submissions from 10 finalists will be featured on Facebook.  A winner will be selected and receive the grand prize of a new Google Nexus 7 Tablet.

How do you enter? It’s easy. Simply send an email with a link to your AnyMeeting recorded meeting (or record a new one) to (subject line: AnyMeeting Success Story Submission).Be sure your “story” will help others learn (or laugh). Feel free to get creative. Include any details of the meeting or webinar results (e.g. how it helped your business). What was unique or interesting about your presentation, the meeting format, how you got people to attend your meeting and the results of your efforts?

This is a terrific opportunity to showcase your skills, highlight your business and win the new Google Android tablet! Start a New Meeting Now.

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  1. Hiawatha Colbert:

    A free account powered by ACN

  2. Weigang Xin:

    In participate TCN’s Netmmiting,My team building a global ranking rose nearly 20! Thank you very much!

  3. ajai tyagi:

    it was really amazing . i was not aware of this facility available on goggle.
    but this is so helpfull . i learnt this how to use on anytime only.

    keep it up

    thanks & Regards

  4. yehuda:

    we made a webinar and we direct the participaters to take one of the programe in , which is awebsite that simulates examens for real estate agent that need real estate License

    it was avery sucsesfull webinar

    yehuda baruch

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