Webinar Recap: “Strategies to Boost Your Sales” from Part 2 of the free webinar series, “Accelerating Your Business Growth”

Part 2 of our free webinar series, “Accelerating Your Business Growth” entitled “Strategies to Boost Your Sales”, presented by AnyMeeting together with Comcast Business and SCORE, featured speaker Carleton Smith, the former Vice President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing for Harris Corporation, a Fortune 500 company with worldwide operations. During his forty year business career, Carleton managed turnarounds, acquisitions and mergers, and worldwide sales and marketing for companies and divisions in difficult markets with demanding customers and tough competitors. Carleton has been a volunteer business counselor with SCORE in Austin since 2006.

Carleton’s insightful and engaging presentation is designed to help small business owners and marketers learn how to accelerate sales by:

  • Expanding your distribution channels,
  • Building and motivating your sales team,
  • Benchmarking,
  • Using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to manage and retain customers.

Get insights and listen to actionable advice as Carleton engages the audience in live Q&A.

Whether you are just starting your business, looking to accelerate your growth or simply want to gain an edge to get your business to the next level, you won’t want to miss out.

Watch the full webinar recording here.


Want to view and download the presentation from the webinar complete with Carleton’s resources? Get it from Slideshare.

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AnyMeeting Kicks Off New Free Webinar Series

Want to improve your internet marketing strategy and get results that stick?  Then check out marketing expert Michael Daehn’s, “9 Tips for Internet Marketing Success,” the first in a new series of free webinars sponsored by AnyMeeting and hosted by leading industry professionals. 

Michael Daehn’s webinar will kick off the series on Wednesday, August 10th at 11 a.m. PDT, and he will be giving away copies of his e-book, “Internet Marketing for Newbies,” to those who register.  He will also give hard copies of the book to three very lucky attendees.

An expert marketing consultant with over 12 years of experience, Michael Daehn has written six books on marketing and has worked with several large companies including Disney and Nordstrom.  

Only 200 seats are available, so register today.  Attendance is on a first-come first-serve basis, so be sure log in early.  A recording of Michael’s webinar will also be available for those who cannot attend.  For more information and to register, visit: http://www.anymeeting.com/webinars.

Freebinar Announces New Social Media Features to Increase Webinar Marketing Power for Small Businesses and Non-Profit Organizations

Update: Please note that AnyMeeting was known as Freebinar prior to 3/26/11. Blog posts prior to this date may still mention Freebinar. For more information, please review our blog post or FAQ’s.

Freebinar users can now create public profiles that integrate today’s top three social networks to promote upcoming and recorded webinars in one centralized space.

Huntington Beach, California, November 15, 2010 – Freebinar, the only free webinar service provider, announced this week that it has released new features: Freebinar profiles and social notifications.  With Freebinar profiles, meeting hosts can create a personalized page to display their upcoming and recorded webinars, as well as their Facebook Like Box, LinkedIn profile and Twitter streams. Social notifications provide Freebinar users the option of automatically promoting scheduled webinars on Facebook and Twitter.  The result of this integration is a powerful webinar promotional tool. “There are hundreds of new webinars created each day. Freebinar gives small businesses and non-profit organizations marketing tools to help them stand out from the rest of the pack,” said Costin Tuculescu, CEO of Freebinar.

Highlights of the new features include:

Freebinar Profiles

  • Personalized Freebinar profile page
  • Central location to list upcoming and recorded webinars
  • Displays user’s LinkedIn profile, Facebook Like Box and Twitter stream
  • Search Engine Optimized to build traffic to profile pages

Social Notifications

  • Automatically promote live webinars with notifications on Facebook  and Twitter

In order to stay competitive, many small businesses are turning to social media to raise brand awareness. A recent study shows that the number of small businesses using social media is projected to grow by 13% in the next two years: with 82% using Facebook, 32% using LinkedIn and 30% using Twitter.1 “With these new Freebinar features, small businesses and non-profit organizations have the ability to promote webinars easily and effectively without having to be an online marketing guru,” said Tuculescu.  “Our free webinar service now offers powerful marketing tools that even many paid providers such as GoToWebinar® and WebEx® do not have.”

1 “The State of Small Business Report” by University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business, July 2010.

About Freebinar

Freebinar is a free web conferencing and webinar service created by Huntington Beach, California – based CosNet Inc., a web conferencing software developer and provider. Built on CosNet’s proven Software-as-a Service platform, Freebinar’s services exceed any other free webinar applications on the market. Webinar hosts can invite up to 150 attendees per meeting with no meeting-time restrictions. With free customer service, Freebinar is the best choice for businesses ready to hold an online meeting.  To learn more, visit www.freebinar.com.


What Do You Want in a Webinar Service?

Update: Please note that AnyMeeting was known as Freebinar prior to 3/26/11. Blog posts prior to this date may still mention Freebinar. For more information, please review our blog post or FAQ’s.

At Freebinar, our mantra is “make it good and make it free.” Our goal is to provide a free, world-class webinar service that competes with the best paid services available. This may leave you thinking “why is your service free?” and “how do you stay in business, if your service is free?” It’s simple: we are experimenting with various innovative revenue models, which allows us to provide a free service to you. Freebinar’s value not only lies in the fact that we are a free service, but in the quality of our webinar tools.

Our free webinar service provides the following features:

  • screen sharing
  • polling and survey tools
  • chat
  • Q&A-style chat between attendees and presenters
  • free phone conferencing
  • unlimited meetings
  • up to 150 attendees per meeting
  • unlimited meeting time
  • email notifications for meetings
  • customizable attendee registration
  • post-meeting reporting

All you and your attendees need is a web browser—it’s that easy.

Freebinar has already gained momentum with increasing daily usage, which is very exciting. As we are gaining a broader customer-base, we want to hear from you! If you are new to Freebinar, and have just stumbled upon this blog entry, please feel free to visit our site at www.freebinar.com. Be sure to check out our Support Wiki, equipped with instructional videos, as well as helpful user guides. If you are already a Freebinar user, and have not taken our quick Customer Satisfaction Survey, please do so!

So far, the feedback from the Freebinar Customer Satisfaction Survey (which was first distributed in November 2009) has been pretty positive. As with any new product, there has been constructive criticism and suggestions, which we are taking very seriously. One customer suggested that we increase marketing initiatives for Freebinar because it is a “fantastic product.” We are currently working on that.

Please remember that we are still in beta, and we appreciate your help in finding and fixing any bugs. We will continue to reach out to current and potential Freebinar users in hopes to understand your needs. By getting the most out of our platform, you will assist us in our mission to provide the best free webinar service available.

A New Year Means New Business Practices

Update: Please note that AnyMeeting was known as Freebinar prior to 3/26/11. Blog posts prior to this date may still mention Freebinar. For more information, please review our blog post or FAQ’s.

For many of us, a new year encourages improvement, change, and a resolution or two. In the current economic climate, I think it is safe to say that most resolutions for 2010 will revolve around saving money. Many businesses are cautiously waiting for the dust to settle, while others have unlocked the secret to surviving the tough market. Either way, throwing money around in 2010, does not seem realistic.

There is no denying that the companies who have embraced technology and social media, are thriving—and will continue to do so in the next year. There are simple ways of achieving this success and stability such as communicating through Webinars and Web Conferencing. Web-based meetings are tech-savvy, cut travel fees and scheduling conflicts, and with most providers they are easily recordable.

This method of communication has been a trending topic, and many companies are blogging, tweeting, and commenting about the power and necessity of online meeting presentations. This practice can be utilized in virtually any industry: sales, marketing, hospitality, human resources, finance, real estate, public relations, advertising, education, and so forth. Not to mention, every company, large or small, needs to meet with employees a few times a month to go over general business objectives. Why not do this from your desk?

A recent blog post by CyberMedia India Online highlights the advantages of online meeting and collaboration tools stating:

“With highly effective communication and interaction, it is easy for businesses to get started and even easier to scale throughout their various operations, with minimal impact on IT or internal operations. The web meeting helps businesses keep global workers connected and moving forward towards common goals. It helps companies make more money by spending less. Now that’s the dawning of a new business era all by itself,”

Sharon Lobo of CXOtoday.com writes about how various industries successfully implement webinars and web conferencing into their business—not only saving money, but increasing productivity. She explains that sales organizations use online meetings to make sales presentations and demonstrate products, and marketing professionals embrace real-time collaboration solutions improving quality and quantity of their outbound messages without increasing costs. She also touches on how other industries, like human resources, use this type of technology to train professionals from one location to groups in multiple cities, minimizing travel complications and expenses.

Not only does this type of collaboration and communication save everyone money in the long-run, but when choosing a webinar platform that is free (like Freebinar.com) there is absolutely no out-of-pocket cost! Whether it is a seminar, lecture, presentation, training session, or staff meeting, Freebinar.com is the place to go if you want to stay current, and save money.

Freebinar – The Premiere Free Webinar Service

Update: Please note that AnyMeeting was known as Freebinar prior to 3/26/11. Blog posts prior to this date may still mention Freebinar. For more information, please review our blog post or FAQ’s.

We’re looking for beta testers for Freebinar – head over to freebinar.com and sign-up for free.